Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An unexpected "donation"

You know those days where you wish you never woke up that morning?

That was today.

My background check for my nanny-ing place expired so I paid to get a new one done. It was denied. Apparently, when you change your name, the credit bureau does not get that information from the social security office. Isn't the government fantastic? And, when I called them, I could only talk to machines unless I paid $10 to talk to an "agent".So after cleaning the house and getting ready for the day, I took out the trash donated my shoes that I never wanted to let go, and checked the mail. In the mail was a $275 bill for an "office visit" to a doctor. "Oh HEEEEEEEEEEEEELL no!" Yeah. I cussed. Ex-communicate me. Then, I checked my e-mail telling me that although I would not be in the state of Hawaii, I needed to pay tuition for two terms because I was going to be an intern. Insert phrase from above here. 

So, I decided that I needed to take care of these lovely issues and hopped on my bike and headed for the school. I went and talked to a few people and got some things straightened out. the insurance bill was a mistake and I only needed to pay $45. Still more than I would like but less than it was! Nice. Then, because of my special kind internship, I did not need to pay tuition. Beautiful. 

I then headed over to my bike that was chained up through the tire, through the frame, and to the metal bike rack only to discover that some genius had stolen it. I only left here for about 45 minutes, and the bike that was parked next to it was still there. Rhonda is gone. That's when the waterworks hit. I searched every single bike rack on campus. Not there. This also includes the dorms, and the mens dorms where women are not allowed. I also filed a stolen bike with the security office, but that is pretty much not saying too much. The sad thing is, bikes and longboards get stolen here all the time! It's not uncommon!

First the kayak, now my bike. I'm praying that our cars and house are not next.

Dumpster Diving.

When we first moved here, we bought this TV for 3 bucks. A precious little 20 inch which we just recently sold for 20 big ones because...

But the other night Jake came home with this one.

A FREE 30 incher. Boo-yah, Grandma! A newly weds dream... free stuff. 

You probably can't tell the difference with these pictures but trust me, there is a difference! Neither are seriously great, but they get the job done... just ignore the green corner.

Surfin' Tacos

Saturday was my last day as an employee at Surfin' Tacos. It was one of the greatest moments in the world to walk to my car and drive away that night.
Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, I am free at last!


Today I donated my running shoes to the used clothing bin at the complex. This is actually kinda a big deal for me because I had an emotional connection to these running shoes. Sad, I know. These shoes brought me to state in high school, have run so many miles with me, accompanied me many gyms/weight rooms, hikes, and helped me work at Surfin' Tacos for 9 months.The soles were falling off, they permanently smelled bad from all the mud and food and down right crap they've been in. Yes, even after washing them many times, they still smelled bad and gross to look at. And I got a new pair of shoes from lover-boy at Christmas. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.

Me: Should I donate them or give them away?
Jake:  Throw those away! Nobody wants those.
Me: But I can't! What about all those poor people in Mexico or Argentina (thought I'd make it a little more personal) that don't even have shoes.
Jake: Them ship them to Mexico!

So, even though the donation center will more than likely throw them away, at least it's not me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Luxury Vehicle

A couple days ago I got in the car to drive to work and found this LAMINATED advertisement on it...

Come on.  I know it's not the cutest car in the world but unwanted? Now that's just rude.

Midnight Motorcycles

When the Mr. and I moved into TVA I noticed a red motorcycle. As the weeks past, I noticed that the motorcycle never moved... and it was in the visitor parking.


I came up with an idea.

I thought it would be funny, if we moved the motorcycle. Then whoever came back to get it would be confused why it moved. Last night, about midnight, Jake wanted to go up to the point (where we reminisced about when we used to take Benny up there and make out) and take pictures of the moon on the water. On our way back, we decided to finally take the plunge and move the thing.
We parked the car, got out, and looked suspicious as we walked around... looked around... and then I realized this was a bad idea and started walking back to the car.
Then I got sucked back into my fabulously mischievous idea and we moved it. We moved it a couple rows up and over.
And then we got in the car as fast as we could and drove home.

The Cosbys

Jake and I have a subscription to Netflix. It's a beautiful thing. A couple weeks ago while he was at his night class, I was flipping through the "instants" looking for something to watch. Then I remembered that Diana, one of my older sisters, has been into the Cosby Show. So... it has begun. When I start a series, I have to finish it. It's like a disease. Jake and I watch it together and it's funny. Really. It's interesting to see the way TV was back then, and how it is now. I think we should we all embrace the 80's shows. Also, I realize that Bill Cosby is the star of the show, but why would you call it the Cosby Show when there is nothing else Cosby about it?
And with that, I zerbert you all.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pregnant in America

Jake and I just watched a documentary called "Pregnant in America". It is a document about home birthing and evils of pharmaceuticals, hospitals and medical professionals. I haven't even had a baby yet and I was incredibly unprepared by this mans perspective on child birth... Because he knows so much. During this documentary, he gives one side of the story of home birthing and how he would like his wife to give birth to the baby. The entire doc contradicts itself through out the entire hour 45 minutes and slams health care professionals. Steve, the film maker even has the audacity to claim that child birth is easy and women should not need pain medication or any type of help from a doctor or nurse. At one point of the movie, his wife begs him to take her to the hospital where she can receive an epidural and needed help at which he tells her no and continues his filming. At the end of the film *spoiler alert*, his baby girl, Bella, is in need of serious help and he takes her to the hospital where he continues to call the doctors and nurses saving his daughters life unloving, cold hands, and that "they are just doing their job". He continues to criticize the nurses for not knowing how to find a vein on a newborn baby. I could not help but to continue to remind him through the screen that these people are saving his child's life and that he is completely ungrateful for the help he is receiving. He ends the movie with a hospital bill and then once again reminds us women that childbirth is easy and should be done with out any drugs.
I feel that people can have their babies the way they want, but it is totally inappropriate to tell a other person they are doing it the wrong way because of your personal opinion.
I'd like to see him have a baby with no help from doctors or nurses and be denied pain medication from his wife. Ugh! This is why I have a hard time watching opinion documentaries, because they are usually done by people who are uneducated about the subject and will never have that experience.

Tsunami take two

As most of you (hopefully all) should have heard, there was a 8.9 earthquake in Japan. This also gave them a 30 foot tsunami and we were warned as a state that it was heading our way. We got this on every channel around 8:30 that night that a tsunami was going to hit at 3am. Because of the events of last year, we really were not all that concerned. We live just behind the evacuation line, but downstairs so we put our things up higher and grabbed our 72 hour kit. About 2:30 that morning, we went over to our friends Jayne and Tyson's apartment since it on the second floor. Jake and I were not worried about a huge wave sweeping us away, just flooding. So... for the next hour-ish we watched this video

and then went home. What you are watching above, is the water coming in up high, and then being sucked out and yes, that is the dry reef which is usually a few feet under the water and then the water coming back in again. We stayed up for a few more hours watching the warnings and then slowly fell asleep... to wake up in the morning to an e-mail and text message from the school saying that we were still expected to attend class that morning. Yes. We were the only school on the island still in session.  We did not get much more than some dirtier beaches and broken river mouth. Maui and the Big Island had some flooding but no major damage. During this whole ordeal, Jake was sick, and still is. Poor guy, it is so sad.

Putting our stuff up in case of flooding.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not a WANT... but a NEED.

Yesterday was the saddest day of life.

The last few days I have been wanting oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. No, not wanting... needing.

This need started on Sunday but we didn't have chocolate chips, brown sugar, or oatmeal.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I bought chocolate chips and oatmeal.

Yes! I was set. The plan was to make them while Jake was at his meeting that night.

I started mixing ingredients into a bowl and noticed that I had forgotten the brown sugar, and Jake had brought the car to school since it was raining which made me so discouraged.

Then I remembered Benny. Now, driving this beast around other cars makes me want to cry... but so did not having those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!


I decided to pull up my big girl panties, get in that enormous-to-me-vehicle and drive to the store. I walked outside and there was a car park next to it. In that turn of events I put those away and hopped on my bike in the rain to get the sugar.

I made it to Foodland.

side note: And as I started riding home my phone was ringing and the caller I.D. said Ira Hansen, my father-in-law. Not gonna lie... I felt a little intimated and scared because I had no idea why he would call me.

Me: Hello?
Caller: Erica. It's Larissa. (deep breath on my end) The Bachelor is on tonight!
Me: I know! I was just at the store so Jake and I can eat cookies while we watch it.
Caller: The girls make Michelle cry. Well enjoy watching it!
Me: Okay. You too!

I continued to make the cookies until then I couldn't find the vanilla! I was so frustrated I could feel the desperation coming up from my toes to increasingly saddening heart! 

I frantically called Jake to tell me where it might be and I finally found it.

I was on my way... Until I accidentally froze the cookie dough in the fridge while the enchiladas were in the oven.

We have been snacking on cookie dough ever since... I may never get my cookies.


Jake's African dance from the Bachelor

That is all.


As you may remember from this post, Jake and I sometimes like to watch T.V. in bed. The problem with that is that our bed and our T.V. are in two different rooms. On Sunday nights at 9 on TLC I like to watch Sister Wives. When the season ended I was so sad that I could be a fly on the wall to this different lifestyle that interests me so much. I saw a commercial the other day for the season premier and was so excited to continue watching their lives. So we moved the mattress into the living room and we snuggled up!

9 O' clock came around and...! It was the wrong week.

It's next week.


And yes. 

Our bed is still there.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surfin' Tacos Reggae Festival

Here is a video of the Reggae Festival we had at work. I worked this day, but then Jake and I went back to win a surfboard in the drawing. Unfortunately, we did not win it.

We're in it about 4.19 in talking about food and I am trying to pick bbq'ed pineapple out of my teeth with my tongue. That's the explanation for the weird faces.