Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today I donated my running shoes to the used clothing bin at the complex. This is actually kinda a big deal for me because I had an emotional connection to these running shoes. Sad, I know. These shoes brought me to state in high school, have run so many miles with me, accompanied me many gyms/weight rooms, hikes, and helped me work at Surfin' Tacos for 9 months.The soles were falling off, they permanently smelled bad from all the mud and food and down right crap they've been in. Yes, even after washing them many times, they still smelled bad and gross to look at. And I got a new pair of shoes from lover-boy at Christmas. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.

Me: Should I donate them or give them away?
Jake:  Throw those away! Nobody wants those.
Me: But I can't! What about all those poor people in Mexico or Argentina (thought I'd make it a little more personal) that don't even have shoes.
Jake: Them ship them to Mexico!

So, even though the donation center will more than likely throw them away, at least it's not me.

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