Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I don't mind picking up the house or doing laundry but there is one thing I mind. Dishes. Jake does the dishes after I cook (which most people are stunned that I cook), so while he's out of town I procrastinate them. The house looks great... minus the sink.

They'll probably be done by Friday... I'm running out of plates!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lemon water, sink sprayers, wet showers, and new words.

I feel like lately I have blogged mostly about how I am at my whits end. Here is a story to brighten things up again.

First off; I only got one question wrong out of 60 on my Anatomy test. Second; today I got a B on my Exercise Physiology test. When the girl at the testing center handed me my test I looked at her said "Pray that I pass this test. All I want is to pass right now." She smiled at me and I looked at her stone faced and said "No, I'm totally serious." Our combined prayers must have been freaking awesome... Our a better guess is that God took pity on me and gave me a better grade than I asked for.

As you may have read, I have felt very "burnt out" lately. This morning I went to the Hukilau Cafe for breakfast with my friend telling her how much I wanted to just enjoy the beach for a day instead of going to work. Because school and work have been so crazy lately I have no time to do anything relaxing. Well... she convinced me call in sick (mental health is sick, right?) and go to Sunset Beach with her and Jakey-Poo. So we all climbed into Benny, with Jake's beloved longboard, and headed over. 

Of course, I have a sunglass burn on my face, multiple tanlines, and damaged skin. But they are all so worth it. I would take that over work any day!

Because Jake leaves for Chicago again tomorrow, I nicely asked if he would watch Leap Year with me after I showered the salt and sand off. Then I felt dehydrated... parched one might say after being in the hot sun all day long! ;) Jake laughed at my request of iced water with freshly squeezed lemons (Ba! Of course he wouldn't but it never hurts to ask). Jake came close, though with a cup of tap water and some "lemonade flavored drink". May I add that the lemonade was my leftovers from what I'd been drinking earlier that day. Great. As I took a sip and lowered the cup from my mouth he yells "Bagh!" Yeah. I spilled it. In our bed. On MY side of the bed! And then I got in trouble for it! Whatever... I went into the bathroom to wipe it off my arms and hands and I am greeted with the sink squirter thingy! The same thingy he used last time he thought it would be funny to play a trick on me! That thing is evil... I tried to take cover behind the shower curtain and the tub was still wet. I.Fell.In. Not just a little fall. A full on trip over the side, slipped on the slippery wet bottom tried to grab onto the wall fell (at a rather awkward angle) onto my butt cheek and was then laughed at. I laughed and cried at the same time. Now when I cry so hard I laugh I can't breath. I do this weird squeeky thing. My tender loving husband is now imitating me and I'm laughing/crying so hard by now I'm sure I'm about to pee my pants. (Morgan and Kaitlyn know about way too many of these moments...) It takes me a few tries to get out of the wet tub but I eventually succeeded. Thanks for the memories, pum'kin

When our kids ask us what we did before we started multiplying I'll let them know that we squirted each other with water, got served stale drinks, and laughed at the others injuries while I strengthened my detrusor.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Island Fever. Burnt out of school. Late night.

I cannot stress enough how over school I am. I'm over school and I am feeling very Island Feverish. Not a good combination.

I'm done.

I am done.

I am so done.

Let me tell you why;
1. I am retaking my two hardest classes over because the credits were not accepted by BYU-H. 
2. I do not like mornings and 7 o' clock classes force me to go to school in "comfy clothes", no makeup, and usually my hair in a pony tail. 
3. I would like to buy some home items that I can actually keep after I graduate.
4. I want to keep the 12 pack of cups we had to buy tonight from Wal-Mart because one of our provided cups was broken and we would rather spend $9.21 on 12 than $20 for the one that was broken.
5. I miss my baby, Lucy. AKA a normal car. With a working radio. That accelerates when I want it to. Is not covered in sand in the inside and rust on the outside. Has interior. Does not smell like sea salty moldiness. *sigh*
6. I miss getting visits. Last week my aunt and uncle were on the island and took Jake I out to lunch. It felt so good to see them! 
*Someone come visit us. Spice up my life! We'll even give up our bed to you. Please... I'm going insane seeing the same 12 people over and over and over and over again each and every day!*
7. I want to show off where I live to family and friends. How I've decorated my house, etc.
8. I would like to be able to go out to dinner/lunch and have more than two options that aren't an hour away.
9. I would like to go to Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, ANYWHERE that is not an hour away in good traffic.
10. I actually miss winter. 
11. My brain constantly hurts from trying to memorize too much for too many classes.
12. Not paying $6.50 for a box of cereal and then another $4 for the milk to go in it.
13. Finding guacamole at a store on a regular basis... oh guac and avocados how I miss you so!
14. I miss traffic lights. Laie is a small small town... more like a village actually.
15. Driving at a speed over 35 on the highway.
16. Thanksgiving is going to be weird. Oh how I wish I had a private jet on hand.
17. I don't like it when Jake goes to Chicago for a week every month. Although I do sleep better when he's not in the same bed as me (Sorry, but it's true! I swear he's trying to direct traffic when he sleeps!) it is rather lonely to fall asleep by myself when I'm used to his limbs taking over the bed. I will be so happy when this project is over.
Although there are so many reasons I can't wait to go back to the mainland for Christmas and summer there are things here that I will miss, too.

1. The beach.
2. Living on the beach.
3. Being able to go grocery shopping barefoot and in a bathing suit and no one cares.
4. Going to school looking like I just rolled out of bed and no one cares.
5. Not wearing makeup (I'm sure I'll continue that trend, actually).
6. Random rain showers that suddenly stop.
7.  Changing from one swimsuit to the other just to get dry.

I'm sure I will get a taste of the life I am used to and be relieved to come back but for now... Whew!

Please excuse me...I should get back to my 2 papers and endless studying of my passion that is slowly killing and making me despise it ever so much.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The last week has been rather interesting for us. It started on  a Friday night when Benny, Jake's big 1985 suburban broke down about an hour away while on his "man night". After work that night I went and picked up 5 grown men and somehow shoved them all into my teeny tiny Corolla. Thank goodness we have two cars! The next day Jake took the Corolla so he work on Benny. While he did that, I took the spare key to the house, walked down to the school's fitness center and completed a work out I needed to do for one of my classes. When I got home I soon discovered that my key did not work and our landlord would not come open my door for me because it was not an emergency. My phone was dying and I had to be to work in about an hour with no way to get there. I called work to let them know the situation but no one would answer. By now, I was so low on battery I couldn't even call someone to take me to work in my work out attire and sweaty. Cute, huh? After sitting outside my house for about 3 hours, my neighbors broke into the small bathroom window and sent his grandson in to unlock the door from the inside. Benny was still not working so on Sunday we spent a good amount of time trying to find someone that had a truck big enough to tow the burban home. Monday, Jake fixed Benny! Hurray! The rest of the week went as normal until Friday when Rachel and Tyler (my brother and sister in law) had a baby girl! Congrats to them. She looks so freaking cute in her pictures and I'm trying to convince Jake we should go to Reno for Thanksgiving so I can hold her but apparently we don't have an extra 1200 bucks stashed away anywhere to go. This morning, we were woken up by a rooster and Jake threw eggs at it to scare it away. These are the eggs that went bad way too long ago and made me sick with food poisoning the other night. He's hoping that they will kill the rooster if he eats them. He doesn't think that it's as cruel as I do...
*This was very rushed! Please excuse bad grammar and such.