Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beware to all had been recommended to me as a fantastic place to buy super cute dresses that were guaranteed to always work with G's and BYUH honorcode as well as be great quality with fantastic customer service.

May I PLEASE correct this individual?
My first experience was a terrible one and will be the last as well...
After loitering around the website I discovered some cute dresses I would like to purchase for my bridesmaids. Great. Looks good, it's modest, all of them can wear it. So 4 of the 6 dresses were received and the other 2 were out of stock until further notice. I also ordered my rehearsal dinner dress from them and was pleased with myself for having no glitches... so far.
I panicked.
I called the company and was reassured I could again order in a week.


Call again. Order next week.


May I remind you it was now less than 2 weeks before D-Day and I was till short 2 bridesmaids dresses?

I called again

SA - "Yeah the company is negotiating with the maker right now so we don't know when you can order it. Sorry."

Me - "I've been calling for three weeks and this is for a wedding happening is 13 days. When did you know about this? Why didn't someone tell me that instead of lying? This is a little bit important."

SA - "Recently."

Me - "When was that?"

SA - "Ummmm... Recently."

I had the girls order another dress by them in the same color so that the colors would be the same. I later got a call from a rep. saying that they would sell me those two just for the wedding. I was very happy with them and thrilled to be done with this!

I told the girl that we had ordered another dress from them that was 4 dollars less. You would think that because of their lying and not caring about the importance of the situation (to me at least) that 8 whole dollars would be okay to lose, right?


They called the two girls for their credit card info to charge them and additional 4 bucks. Wow. Fantastic business.

And SA sent the wrong sizes. Thanks.

While I was scouring their selection for new dresses, I also read some reviews. On all the dresses I looked at the reviews were not good. Most said that the dress was the wrong color, the quality was bad, or the fit was "awkward". Some even said that the dress had a shorter skirt or sleeves and could not be worm with garments.

Just a warning. Although their dresses may look great online, I highly recommend not ordering from them.

I definitely won't.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Countdown

I would like to take a moment (at work) to let you all in on a little secret that is kinda a big deal. I get married in 18 days. Seriously?! 18. Really?! 18. It seems so crazy to me that the countdown has shrunken down to a "teen" number. I'm so nervousexcitedhappyanxious for this day to finally come.

I am so grateful for my sisters and mom that have been working so hard on my wedding since I am not able to do certain things (sometimes living on an island sucks).

Also, to my future family-in-law on creating a beautiful open house in Nevada that I cannot wait to see the finished product of!
With that, September 7th is on its way...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Talking in church

A week ago today, I was asked to do one of the things I am most afraid of. Falling into second place right after claustrophobia, like most people, I am terrified of speaking in public. A few things happen when I get nervous. Let me explain them as clearly as possible;

1. My stomach gets upset and I puke... yup! Think Princess Diaries.
2. I get wobbley and have to steady myself.
3. I get emotional and cry over everything.
4. I ramble about random things.
5. I talk really fast. No. You don't get it... Super fast. Or. I over compensate and talk too slowly
6. Cannot remember what I was supposed to be talking about and lose my train (I don't know...) of thought.

So... in 9 short hours, I will stand up in front of my ward and give a talk in which I will try not to vomit in front of everyone, stand up kinda straight, cry, have people wonder why I'm talking about something completely different than my subject, try to speak at a normal rate, and hopefully remember what those stupid bullet points meant that I scribbled on a sheet of paper.

Wish me luck, pray a LOT, and hope that everyone in church falls asleep before it is my turn to speak.