Friday, September 30, 2011

Ho... ly Toledo

Holy crap.

You guys.


I am taking 17 credits, being a TA, and working 6 days a week.

Currently everything besides those three things listed above have been neglected including some of my homework.

The house was just a jumble of our stuff everywhere (until this morning when I woke up early to clean up).

Tonight is the second time in 7 days I have actually made dinner.

Jake is being neglected.*

My wifely duties are being neglected.

My family is feeling neglected because they call when I can't answer and when I call them back I can only talk for about 10 minutes while I'm walking from one class to another class/work/home/back to school.

I don't remember the last time I went grocery shopping.

I leave the house to be at school at 7 in the morning and get home until sometimes usually after 7 that night...

and my nutrition is being neglected AKA I honestly forget to eat until 10 that night.

So if I don't call you back, text you back, Facebook you back, it's because I am trying to catch up on life.
Please don't be offended.

I am really looking forward to April...**

But today!! Guess what I did...

got caught up on my current homework so tomorrow I only have to prep the mens soccer team for their game! Yippee!

got to leave work 20 minutes early tonight

cleaned the house

and dinner is on the stove.

I feel!

Til next time I find five minutes to catch you all up...

*I don't know how moms go to school! Sometimes when I'm trying to do my homework at home, I really just need Jake to leave. I can't entertain him/answer his usually unimportant questions when I'm trying to concentrate. Please don't suggest the library. I can't watch the freshman flirt so horribly anymore. And I'm not being mean, because Jake said that when he's working he wants me to be gone, also.

** Did I mention that I have applied for graduation and ordered my cap and gown?! I did in fact do a happy dance and the guy that took my application looked at me funny and I didn't even care. It felt a-freaking-mazing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear mom and dad...

I have a feeling you may feel like when trying to work a web cam as well. Enjoy!

Maui Trip Video

Please not the wand stand...

Friday, September 16, 2011

A depressing glimpse into my future.

Fall semester started yesterday.

And I already do NOT know how I am going to survive and it's only the end of day two.

I have get to be at the school by 7 am everyday. It was only going to be Monday - Thursday, but one of my professors thought it might be good to add another hour of class on Friday as well. 

At 7 am.

And I am NOT a morning person. I get cranky, angry, sooo not cute, my eyes are swollen/red/puffy/bloodshot and I hate the world for being up at the time of the morning.

On the upside, I am taking a class called the Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries! I am actually super stoked. Not only because that is what I want to do after graduation but because I am a student trainer in the athletic room at school.

The past few weeks I have really been questioning career choice.

A couple weeks ago I was taping a bag of ice on a sweaty mans thigh, when a drop of his sweat landed squarely on face.

Me: Oh... my... gosh... You just SWEAT on my FACE.
Soccer player: Oops, sorry... (totally not caring at all!)
Me: Seriously, don't you ever do that again. I'm serious. I won't treat you if you do that again.

Side note. He was supposed to shower between practice and treatment.

Yesterday, a 6 foot 8 basketball player had a blister. I dutifully grabbed a pair of gloves, gauze, and a sterile needle (he specifically asked for a clean one) and popped his blister, then squeezed all the liquid out of it. I set him up in a warm whirl pool with some Betadine and thought I was done.

My co-worker noticed his ridiculously nasty calloused feet and toenails that were so long they curled under his toes, and volunteered me to shave off his callouses and clip his toenails.

I used the callous shaver on his feet for an hour... I timed it. During which we had a lovely conversation on keeping your feet in good health and how he will prevent this from ever happening again, his home country (Holland) and the five languages he spoke. He joked about paying me when I was done and was also asked by some of his other teammates if I would give them a pedicure, too. It was great.

As I was clipping his toenails he asked me "what do you want to do with your major when you graduate?" Then it hit me and I told him "be an athletic trainer... so this." 


I finally finished and Jasper, the player, pulled out his wallet and handed me a 20 dollar bill. I of course rejected his generosity, even though I totally deserved it. He owes me cookies instead.

Today another soccer player came in who had warts all over his arm. He got his arm caught (somewhere, still not sure) and pulled off part of his warts. We were lucky enough to pull them off the rest.

And I chose this...? There better be a cool concussion or broken ankle on Saturday while I work the soccer game, because those are so much more fun!


First term finally ended (praise the heavens)! There was a one week break before the semester which also happened to have our anniversary in it. Jake also had to go do some business on Maui, so I got a few days off and we went with another couple to Maui.

We did a bunch of fun stuff including the Road to Hana, the Seven Sacred Pools, the Venus Pool, a black sand beach, snorkeling hiking, beaching, eating wild coconuts that we found/husked/opened all by ourselves, sleeping, gazing romantically into each others eyes, etc. Oh... and we accidentally (I promise) stumbled upon  nude beach which was traumatic and hilarious both at the same time.

Take a look at the pictures so I don't have to write all about it.

Venus Pool

Snorkeling at the black sand beach

The Road to Hana

The Seven Sacred Pools (just one of the falls)

Haleakala Crater

Jake and Austin body surfing at Makena Beach