Friday, December 17, 2010

The (old) "man" of the house

Quite often I make fun of Jake... excuse me... JaCOB for being "old". Sometimes it's just because I need to pay him back for something but others because I genuinely do not know about these things that he's reminiscing about.

For example.

A few weeks ago Nicole and Tony picked us up from the airport and they had a conversation about floppy disks the size of plates and a cartoon called Eek the Cat...?

Nicole and I were clueless about these things. We were obviously not born in the 80's.

Tonight I was introduced to Fievel from An American Tail. Jake broke out into song (which is a regular occurrence in our house) that I did not know. Being hopped up on Excedrin Migraine, Pepsi, and quesadillas I quickly Youtubed it and you would not believe the expression of a 5 year old boy that took to his face. His eyes lit up, his mouth gaped open, and he placed his elbows on his knees and face in his hands leaning forward towards the screen in pure enjoyment. I tried to snake a picture but I was laughing way too hard. He was so excited to tell me the background behind the song and the plot to this old cartoon.

And with no further ado...

But if you really want to be entertained watch this fabulous 80's version.

And this is just cause I think he's hot. Whoo!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My loving husband.

Tonight I came home from a hard night of work to this wonderful video. Watch the rocking chair really carefully.

This is how I know he loves me.
Click here... not for the little ones.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka

Since we are only going to be in our Hawaii Home for another 2 weeks, we decided not to get a Christmas tree but I really wanted one! So... for about $2 at the BYUH copy center, I purchased our "tree" and trimmings. We listened to Mariah Carey's Christmas Album, drank hot chocolate and ate candy canes while we put up our tree. If you want to feel festive while reading this blog, click here. During dinner, we watched a Christmas Carol. I don't think Christmas should start until December and that's why today we had so many festivities. You may also have notice that I have started a new trend... a very uncoordinated outfit and naked faced again. Maybe someday my make-up bag and I will reunite.
I cut "down" the tree

I requested that every little piece come out of the snow flake. He puts up with so much from me.

The lights

The angel always has to go on last.

Putting up the snow.

If you look closely you can see the snow flakes on the wall around the tree. My very first white Christmas!

Adventures on the Big Island

Before starting please note that this is going to be as long as I can possibly make it. Why? Because Di claims I don't take enough pictures. So, this is a "in your face" to her. =) Also, we roughed it. So please disregard how gross we looked, including brushing our teeth with out toothpaste... we forgot it. Also, I didn't realize how freaking long it takes to upload pictures and especially videos! So I was not able to post everything but trust me, there is still plenty to see. So yes, this did take me a full 2 days. I'm very good at multitasking.

Continue if you dare I guess.

 This is the time we left the house on Thursday morning.
 Some wooden carvings and statues being sold on the side of the road in Kona.
 These are at the Kealakekua Bay, where the Captain Cook Memorial is as well as where he was killed.

 There was a huge pod of spinner dolphins. It was so cool, they swam around our kayak and we were able to get and swim with them.

 The white thing behind Jake is the memorial. The land it sits on is actually owned by the British... I stood in Great Britain and the United States at the same time. Have you done that? Didn't think so.

 These are "Ancient Historical Hawaiian" horses... or just horses from a tour group.
 These are STILL the bay and memorial, below is snorkeling around the area.

 This is a lava flow where Hawaiians would bury their dead in the lava tubes. It was so weird that almost everywhere we went there were dead people under our feet.

 Notice the big white suburban? It's Benny's twin.
 Of course, the first injury of the trip was me. I stepped on a thorn and it went through my slipper, into my foot. It required a romantic piggy-back ride back to the car. Also where I lost a lens to my favorite pair of sunglasses I have ever owned, and I've had many-a-pair.
Setting up our "two-man"tent. Two MAN? Bull!! Only if those two men are 12 years old and midgets can you consider it that. It's a good thing we love each other and he pretends that he likes to cuddle. Also, we found out the next morning that we were about half a mile from a plain were tens of thousands of people were killed way back when.

Below are random pictures; let me explain.
Above is taken at the look out at Pololu and below is... well we forget. =)

 Jake suggested we buy a 3 pound bag of Wonka candy... as driving "food".
 These were some really cool caves created by lava tubes. The ferns grow because of something having to do with the lava.
 These are platforms that the (I'm serious this time) ancient Hawaiians made. No one is really sire what they did here, but they think it was for gifts to their Gods which was usually a human sacrifice.
This is what it looked like around the cave.

 This is why he loves me.

These garbage bags were bought to become our ponchos for the hike down into the Waipio Valley. It's a really interesting place where only 50 people live! Read about it here. Clickety Clack.
 These are the Waipio Valley

 Below is at Onomea.

 Unnecessary pictures added for length... you can thank Di for that.

 I only added this because I wanted to show the tiled floors. We stayed at this super high class (not) hotel. They were out of king beds so we got two queens. I let Jake know that if he got scared at night he could climb into bed with me.
Next we went to Mauna Kea.
 vog - volcanic smog

Yeah... That is lava on fire that took over the road. Some people still live in this town that was taken over by a lava slide in 1990.

 People live in these houses in a lake of lava! Crazy...

The strips are where the town names have been blacked out because the towns are no longer there!

This is a hot water pond heated by underground volcanic activity.

 Don't worry... we hiked it anyways.

 These are volcano hot spots and steam vents.

 There were so many Asians I couldn't resist!

 Looking into the inner crater of Mauna Ulu.

 I have this new interest in cemeteries, especially old ones. I like to read the headstones and so we went to Hilo's graveyard and looked for some of Jake's ancestors. We don't know any of these people by the way.

 It was really sad to see that some people had these huge shrines dedicated to them and others had little paper signs like this one.

 South Point and Black Sand Beach

Family history research; Jake's mama's mom's hometown, Hilo.

So that is the jist of our vacation... actually we'll call it a trip. =) More random pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure.