Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pregnant in America

Jake and I just watched a documentary called "Pregnant in America". It is a document about home birthing and evils of pharmaceuticals, hospitals and medical professionals. I haven't even had a baby yet and I was incredibly unprepared by this mans perspective on child birth... Because he knows so much. During this documentary, he gives one side of the story of home birthing and how he would like his wife to give birth to the baby. The entire doc contradicts itself through out the entire hour 45 minutes and slams health care professionals. Steve, the film maker even has the audacity to claim that child birth is easy and women should not need pain medication or any type of help from a doctor or nurse. At one point of the movie, his wife begs him to take her to the hospital where she can receive an epidural and needed help at which he tells her no and continues his filming. At the end of the film *spoiler alert*, his baby girl, Bella, is in need of serious help and he takes her to the hospital where he continues to call the doctors and nurses saving his daughters life unloving, cold hands, and that "they are just doing their job". He continues to criticize the nurses for not knowing how to find a vein on a newborn baby. I could not help but to continue to remind him through the screen that these people are saving his child's life and that he is completely ungrateful for the help he is receiving. He ends the movie with a hospital bill and then once again reminds us women that childbirth is easy and should be done with out any drugs.
I feel that people can have their babies the way they want, but it is totally inappropriate to tell a other person they are doing it the wrong way because of your personal opinion.
I'd like to see him have a baby with no help from doctors or nurses and be denied pain medication from his wife. Ugh! This is why I have a hard time watching opinion documentaries, because they are usually done by people who are uneducated about the subject and will never have that experience.


  1. Oh my gosh! How annoying! I'm so glad I didn't see this. I would have been yelling at him through the screen too, and I'd be mad for the next week. hahaha

  2. Yeah get this... there is a girl in my block of classes that tried to tell me that giving birth does not really hurt, that we have made ourselves believe that because of inducement... I was pissed! What wierdos!