Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If Only We Had A Photographer...

Wanna know what I wish?

I wish we had a full time photographer that followed us around and took pictures. It's really hard to capture a moment when you have to jump up, grab the camera, set the lighting, set the self timer, and make sure it's pointed exactly the way you want it.

Like last night when Jake and I were in bed and he was playing his guitar for me.

That's why the Bachelor is so unrealistic. No one just has tons of cool pictures of themselves to make a scrapbook at the end of the season.


For our one year anniversary Jake got me this necklace that I really wanted. It was in the shape of a horseshoe and had little diamonds in it.

Over the break, I took it off and dropped it in my suitcase in a hurry. When we got home, I carefully unpacked but never found my necklace. I looked all around the floor, in my drawers... everywhere!

I was so scared to tell Jake I had lost it.

I called my mom and had her look in the room we stayed in but she had no luck either.

I told Jake that I lost it and to never buy me anything nice ever again because I would only lose it.

Last night I was cleaning off my nightstand and when I picked up an envelope, my necklace fell out!

It was glorious! Jake took the following pictures to document the moment.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goodbye, Benny!

Last night Jake and I said goodbye to Benny.

It was super sad, but we knew he would be sold eventually! Jake sold him to a freshman kid who lived in the hale dorm where Jake used to be an RA.

Before we sold him we made a pit stop at the Castle's Beach parking lot, did the what we did a lot of back in the dating day, yes it's what you think it was, plus a little somethin'-somethin' more just cause this time we actually could, and signed him away to his proud new papa.

It was really weird to be getting rid of the car Jake grew up in and we fell in love in.

The first time I met Jake's parents, they were kind enough to inform everyone at his surprise party that his little brother, Ian, was conceived in the back of that truck. Trust me, I never got that out of my mind every time we all climbed in.

Benny has been

- an apartment
- a movie watching/making out hot spot
- shelter from the rain
- a bus
- a surfboard stashing spot
- and much much more

Most of the pictures we have of Benny are from the inside, here's all I have for the outside

Fruit/Vegetable Cleanse: Day Three

This is where I stopped. 

On day three I started feeling crappy. I was weak and tired and hungry and just wanted some freaking food! We were also mostly out of fruits and vegetables.

So I made it through the day with all fruits and vegetables again, but at dinner broke the shenanigan with some waffles and a bowl of cereal.

It was the best bowl of cereal and waffles I have ever had. 

Although it would have been cool to do the whole week, I'm pretty okay with the three days I accomplished.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fruit/Vegetable Cleanse: Day Two

This is the worst idea I have ever had.




Never ever EVER do this!

I am constantly stuffing myself with as much fruit and vegetables as I can and the worst part is that only makes like 350 calories per day.

Because they are mostly water, I do not ever feel full!

Last night I mashed up a potato for dinner and allowed myself a teensy bit of salt and I finally felt not hungry!

Not full just not hungry... for about 15 minutes.

I have decided that I will eat only fruits and veggies for the amount of time that they are left, but instead of going back to the store for more I will resume regular food.

Mmmm... Bread! pasta! Chips! ANYTHING!

But you have to give me credit, for two whole days I have only eaten fruits and vegetables and only drank water.

Impressed? At least pretend. I need it.

Lanikai Beach

This past Saturday we went to Lanikai beach where we dwelled among lots of drunken military people. Hurray booze!
Austin and Ellen
Jake taking pictures and video

My crippled-ness and heck yes I got some gnarly tan lines!

Jake serenading us and wearing his "cape" around his shoulders. We all forgot sunscreen.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fruit/Vegetable Cleanse: Day One

Today I started my fruit and vegetable cleanse which is supposed to last a week. It's a part of my way-hot-rockin-bod goal for this semester.

Since last semester I had a really sucky health/work out lifestyle, I'm going to make up for it this semester. I'm very determined! 

I have a very strict work out plan that I started last week and I really hope I can keep it up. I did have to skip my runs for a few days due to the fact that I couldn't really walk. I'll get back on track as soon as I can.

Back to the cleanse.

For one week, I can only eat fruits and vegetables and drink water only. I'm only at lunch time on day one and regret starting this. I don't even really like fruit or vegetables which makes it a little bit harder.

A tennis player had been on this for about 2 months now and has dropped close to 5% of his body fat. This made me curious and more than anything I just want to see if I can do it. 

Wish me luck! Cause it already really really sucks.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Too much too soon

Last semester was not a happy one.

But this semester I am looking forward to having a much less busy schedule! I have three major projects that will take the entire semester but little other homework. Because I was so busy in the fall and was not able to work out much, I am determined to hit the gym as much as I can this semester!

Another girl I work with, also named Erica, has the same goal so we decided to start right away. Wednesday we started our weight training with legs. We started out with the amount of reps and sets we did before take a semester long break.

Oh boy...

We both felt great afterwards and were excited to be feeling fatigue in our legs. The next day I was incredibly sore but still feeling good.

Today when I have been walking funny and my calves will NOT straighten out... and neither will hers. After consulting with our boss, the head trainer at work, we concluded that we strained both our calves due to doing "too much, too soon". He said that the next level is when your damaged muscle rejects the protein it needs to heal the muscle and the only way to heal them is through injections and IV's (I forgot what it's called.) This can also cause damage to your kidneys. Rookie mistake that we both know better than to it.

And for the next few days I will be sporting bright blue kinesio tape to help support my muscle and keep it from getting worse.

I am not standing on my tip toes to flex for you guys. I'm standing/walking on my toes because I can't put my foot down flat on the ground. They also look bigger because they are swollen! I have definitely learned my lesson, start out slow when you've been out of the weight room for a while. I am so glad that I work in the training room where I get athletic treatment and diagnosis for free (as long as I don't have to see any other doctors).

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Break

The break was great and so appreciated!
We spent Christmas in Reno with Jake's family and then headed to Arizona for New Years. While we were there, we got to go to our new niece, Brielle's, baby blessing. Jake was also able to be in the circle!
We loved seeing both our families and having a break from school/work.