Sunday, October 30, 2011

Go big or go home.

Halloween 2011

Popeye and Olive Oyl

The wig came with the dress... I would otherwise not have spent money on this thing.

Sharpie tattoos.

Notice the lip prints

For our ward Halloween party, we went all out. We don't do half-a** in this household. Anyways, Wal Mart only sold the "sexy" Olive Oyl so I had to tone it down with leggings. We were the most dressed up ones at the party and had fun dressing up and putting together our costumes.

Friday, October 14, 2011

As part of my job, we take athletes to specialty doctors, the hospital for surgeries, etc. Since these places are in Honolulu and most people don't have a car, we provide transportation.

Yesterday, I brought a basketball player from Japan to Queens Medical Center in town. His name is Ryo Tanaka and has been living in the United States for almost four years now. Hid first experience of the U.S. was when he was living in the ghetto in California where he went to community college and the gang violence was so high he was not allowed to wear blue or red.

The drive to town is over an hour, and the wait to see the doctor was about an hour. Even though it was a very long trip, it was really cool to hear about customs, traditions, and holidays in Japan.

P.s. I also learned how to say hello, thank you, and my name is Erica in Japanese. He said my accent was really bad but it was okay because I was American.


The past couple weeks months, we have both been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Just the other day we had a talk about how we both felt like we were just getting through life and not living it. I haven't even been grocery shopping in a full 6 days. Needless to say, our meals have been interesting some nights. When this happens, Jake is usually very good at giving himself a break so he can re-coop, feel better, and then get on with his responsibilities.

I, on the other hand, keep going and going until one night I break down in tears and sobs and snot running down my face and Jake tries to calm me down until I fall asleep.

Last night was different...

During my weekly yoga session, I decided that when I got home, I was going to take a night off of everything. So I picked up dinner, sweet pork salads* and headed home. I forgot about my homework/studying I should have been doing, didn't take the shower that I probably needed and put on my jammies and watched Invictus with Jake.

It was great. I was so content and lazy and it felt great.

*Jake's boss bought him lunch that day and it just happened to also be a sweet pork salad from the same place. Oops!