Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An unexpected "donation"

You know those days where you wish you never woke up that morning?

That was today.

My background check for my nanny-ing place expired so I paid to get a new one done. It was denied. Apparently, when you change your name, the credit bureau does not get that information from the social security office. Isn't the government fantastic? And, when I called them, I could only talk to machines unless I paid $10 to talk to an "agent".So after cleaning the house and getting ready for the day, I took out the trash donated my shoes that I never wanted to let go, and checked the mail. In the mail was a $275 bill for an "office visit" to a doctor. "Oh HEEEEEEEEEEEEELL no!" Yeah. I cussed. Ex-communicate me. Then, I checked my e-mail telling me that although I would not be in the state of Hawaii, I needed to pay tuition for two terms because I was going to be an intern. Insert phrase from above here. 

So, I decided that I needed to take care of these lovely issues and hopped on my bike and headed for the school. I went and talked to a few people and got some things straightened out. the insurance bill was a mistake and I only needed to pay $45. Still more than I would like but less than it was! Nice. Then, because of my special kind internship, I did not need to pay tuition. Beautiful. 

I then headed over to my bike that was chained up through the tire, through the frame, and to the metal bike rack only to discover that some genius had stolen it. I only left here for about 45 minutes, and the bike that was parked next to it was still there. Rhonda is gone. That's when the waterworks hit. I searched every single bike rack on campus. Not there. This also includes the dorms, and the mens dorms where women are not allowed. I also filed a stolen bike with the security office, but that is pretty much not saying too much. The sad thing is, bikes and longboards get stolen here all the time! It's not uncommon!

First the kayak, now my bike. I'm praying that our cars and house are not next.

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