Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not a WANT... but a NEED.

Yesterday was the saddest day of life.

The last few days I have been wanting oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. No, not wanting... needing.

This need started on Sunday but we didn't have chocolate chips, brown sugar, or oatmeal.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I bought chocolate chips and oatmeal.

Yes! I was set. The plan was to make them while Jake was at his meeting that night.

I started mixing ingredients into a bowl and noticed that I had forgotten the brown sugar, and Jake had brought the car to school since it was raining which made me so discouraged.

Then I remembered Benny. Now, driving this beast around other cars makes me want to cry... but so did not having those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!


I decided to pull up my big girl panties, get in that enormous-to-me-vehicle and drive to the store. I walked outside and there was a car park next to it. In that turn of events I put those away and hopped on my bike in the rain to get the sugar.

I made it to Foodland.

side note: And as I started riding home my phone was ringing and the caller I.D. said Ira Hansen, my father-in-law. Not gonna lie... I felt a little intimated and scared because I had no idea why he would call me.

Me: Hello?
Caller: Erica. It's Larissa. (deep breath on my end) The Bachelor is on tonight!
Me: I know! I was just at the store so Jake and I can eat cookies while we watch it.
Caller: The girls make Michelle cry. Well enjoy watching it!
Me: Okay. You too!

I continued to make the cookies until then I couldn't find the vanilla! I was so frustrated I could feel the desperation coming up from my toes to increasingly saddening heart! 

I frantically called Jake to tell me where it might be and I finally found it.

I was on my way... Until I accidentally froze the cookie dough in the fridge while the enchiladas were in the oven.

We have been snacking on cookie dough ever since... I may never get my cookies.



  1. erica!!!

    why didn't you call me??? and you can cook frozen dough, ya know, i do it all the time! freeze it until a later date.

    poor child. you should've told me it was a chaotic experience, i would've helped in some way!

  2. Shelby... you were making soup! Remember?

  3. yes but you still could've like told me it was a life or death situation and i could've tried to do something!!! haha