Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cosbys

Jake and I have a subscription to Netflix. It's a beautiful thing. A couple weeks ago while he was at his night class, I was flipping through the "instants" looking for something to watch. Then I remembered that Diana, one of my older sisters, has been into the Cosby Show. So... it has begun. When I start a series, I have to finish it. It's like a disease. Jake and I watch it together and it's funny. Really. It's interesting to see the way TV was back then, and how it is now. I think we should we all embrace the 80's shows. Also, I realize that Bill Cosby is the star of the show, but why would you call it the Cosby Show when there is nothing else Cosby about it?
And with that, I zerbert you all.

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  1. Erica, I love love love this post for multiple reasons. A) You remembered ME and the shows I watch. heehee!! I'm on season 5 now and yes, this show makes me laugh out loud! That is not an easy task! B) You gave tribute to the 80's!! C) You used the word ZERBERT! I watched the show and decided that would be implemented in my family. And D) You observed the same thing I did!! WHY did they call it COSBY?? Sure, he wrote it with his son or something but really? No one's character is named Cosby! PS. I know I'm rambling but I would also like to mention that the show starts at about a minute and 7 seconds. I always skip the intro. LOL. LOVE YOU!!!!