Monday, February 28, 2011

Work it out

A few days ago I went on a nice little run around Laie. While being pumped up by Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Jessie James and other angry female artists this ancient Hawaiian man across the street caught my attention. I pulled out my ear phones and this super cute old man with his huge sunglasses, cane a orthopedic shoes tells me that I "look good!" I was a little taken aback not knowing what to really say. I kinda laughed and said

"well you know what? You look good, too!"

he: "If you're running, then I have no excuse."

To be honest, I was a little bit flattered and wanted to put him in my pocket and carry him around with me...hunched over and all.

Numero dos;

Today I took the hour between two of my classes to go to the gym. I was in the gym and again an old Hawaiian man (different one...I think) asked me if I tried to co-ordinate my outfit as well as I did. In lesser words, that was my translation. He said that only famous people match when they go to the gym. Okay...seriously. When I have a 7:30 class in the freaking morning I pick up the first thing I see. And when I know I'm going to the gym after wards I wear something work-out-able.
Farnsworth Physical Therapy "graduation" t-shirt. Holla! Polka-dot running shorts. and my shoes that are ALWAYS black. I don't make them change colors. And yes...I am mini-squatting.

Yeah... my family knows celebs.

Thanks Jen for this post. It makes me feel good that I can tell people that brother in law lived in Hollywood and knows tons of cool stars. Like Paul Walker! Hoooooooot...! It's okay, Jake knows.


Katie's 1st Concert

This Saturday we took Katie to see the Aquabats play. It just so happens that Go Go 13 was opening for them. On occasion, Go Go 13 stays at our house when they come to Phoenix to play a gig. So, Katie was excited to see her Go Go 13 friends play before the Aquabats. We had a lot of fun! Little known fact: Tom used to play with the Aquabats before his mission. Oh, and our names were on the list to get into the show. For just a minute we felt like VIPs cause we just walked right in and didn't have to pay:)

Katie was on Tom's shoulders almost the entire time-singing and dancing the whole time. She was so cute!!! After the show, we went backstage and talked to Christian (lead singer of the Aquabats & Tom's old friend) and Parker (Christian's brother) with Go Go 13. We had SO much fun!!! We got home at midnight and we were all pooped. Kellen got special treatment that night too. He got to go to Uncle Scott's house and watch movies. He also got to spend the night. I think Kellen felt like the guest of honor.

Welcome to the world of lies

i've noticed something lately. people (mostly girls) are so incredibly fake. think about it.

Heidi Montag

o.m.g. like how natural, right?!

make up
dying hair
fake-baking/tanning lotion/etc.
fake eyelashes/extensions
hair extensions
plastic surgery
color contacts

must i go on? and i know we are all guilty of at least a few of these.


let me back track for a moment. back in mid july-ish (we can't remember) i was making a trip to reno to visit my then fiance. i was driving home when i got a brilliant idea to dye my dark blond hair deep brown just to freak him out. i pulled over to local CVS and bought a box of "wash out" dye. (okay I admit that it did say not recommended for lighter hair colors but totally ignored it. if you know me by now you'll think duh...of course i did) i was supposed to leave for the airport in an hour but called morgan to come dye it.
before; original

of course, the box lied to me and permanently stained my hair forever blessing me with roots.

now already having this blessing bestowed upon me i have been so tempted to experiment a little. jake even asked me to go blond blond. um... ew! no offense to all the blonds out there, i just feel like way too many people want to be blond.

i made an appointment for tuesday to do strip my hair. the girl said it would take out my nasty/wt/cheap dye job and i will be back to my original color. we'll see...

moral of the story. i am rather disappointed in the way our society feels about these things. why can't we all just accept how we are and live with it? this may be my laie feeling where make up is a rarity and only the newcomers and freshman try look cute for school, but really. leveling out the playing field by taking away all this crap that we spend hour(s) doing in the morning should be trashed.

my solution is this; lets all just shave our heads and go all natur-al. any takers?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hacobo's Birthday Presnent.

So this year as most of you know Jake asked for a Canon Rebel T2i....


We went to Best Buy a couple weeks ago to just go "look at it". While there, we discovered that the price was going to go up before his birthday...the time we planned to go buy it.

So... we got it early to save about a hundred bucks.

Being the mean wife that I am, I hid it from him until the night before his birthday and the only reason he got it a day early was because he would be spending the weekend in the Castle's Hospital being paid to take a constipation medication and be highly monitored.

I learned a very 


very valuable lesson that night.

Do not give your husband a new toy before you go to bed. If you do, the light will be on for the next hour and flashes of light will hit your eyes because he's practicing by taking pictures of you sleeping!

 It's really cute... he walks around with it around his neck and people have actually asked me if he does this all the time.

We went to the school musical Oklahoma! which I did not realize was so scandalous! 

Jake did not end up getting into the study. He was an alternate which is still paid, just take another zero off the original number... We took the day to go to the beach, grocery shop, and later that night went with some friends to Cheesecake Factory for their birthday. We shared a meal and even then we had leftovers. Whew!

Stay tuned. I'm sure our lives will become more exciting soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

THE Lyle Movie

So as siblings in the Lyle family we share the love for some movies that we quote all the time. Mrs. Doubtfire and Father of the Bride (Part II especially) are probably the most common.

So the other night we received a little bundle of joy; a red envelope from Netflix. I truly was giddy when we grabbed our movie snacks, popped the DVD into the computer and cuddled into bed to watch this stroke of genius.

While watching this movie, I think Jake understood my family jokes a little bit better and certain things we say and do make more sense. Growing up we would sometimes tell each other to "makaya kellem"! (sp?) This comes from the part where Mr. Habib is trying to buy the house and says that to his wife, then Mr. Banks carries that line through the movie. (I searched the internet for this scene but it is no where to be found). I now recieve the "makaya kellem" from my very own hubby. I should have never shown him this movie.
However, I would have to say that my ultimate favorite is Franck. But duh. He's most people's favorite character. And I think this scene is why.

When I get pregnant,I expect to be given a workout leotard that looks identical to theirs so I can do the "happy tin soldier" and "make the baby sleep".

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Ladies and gentleman.

This blog will be going private exactly one week from today.

If you would like to continue reading our adventures, send me your e-mail address and I can then send you an invite.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day

When Jake and I were dating, I told him I wasn't the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. I'm just not. I'd rather he do something cute and tender on a day he isn't obligated to. He didn't believe me so he bought me some roses and candy and we watched the waves break at Pipeline. I remember walking out of the dorm where I lived for a semester and there he was standing next to Benny the Burb all "Hope Floats" style with roses and there was a group of girls watching me.

Minus the obnoxiously tight jeans

This year, however, we did something uber romantic. Upon my request...

We had dinner at Costco.

We shopped at Costco and Wal-Mart.

And then we came home and watched a gushy movie.

On the drive back he kept telling me that he felt he didn't do anything special for me but I shared with him my thoughts from above... I would love it if he did something nice, just not on a day where everyone tries to outdo each other.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What goes around comes around... I hope!

You know how people say "what goes around comes around"...? And no, I am not talking about Justin Timberlake. Does that mean that if you do a lot of good for other people in a short time span that you are going to need a lot of good from other people one day?
With in the past week-ish Jake and I have had some very interesting opportunities to do some good deeds.
Here is the first.
We flew into Sacramento on February 4th, where Jake's mom and little sister, Larissa came to pick us up. Sacramento is the closest international airport to their house so we then had a 2 hour drive back. We were seriously 30 seconds from their house when we came across this truck. We were the first there so Sis. Hansen called 911 and Jake talked to the man in the vehicle. Firefighters and the whole shebang showed up shortly and he was life flighted to the nearest hospital.

The next two... not so dramatic.

Yesterday we came up with a brilliant plan to hike from 7th hole, (a beach/surfspot/golf course) to Turtle Bay Resort. It was about 4.5 miles walking on the beach which I was told was only going to take 2 hours... but was actually 5. Tony and Nicole as well as Curtis and Shelby joined us on this adventure. Jake, (being the hero again) found a cell phone in the sand at the beach. We brought it home and were able to return it to its owner later that night.

And the last...

We found this poor sucker. His Bronco was ridiculously stuck in the sand. We dug around the wheels, under and around the axels, gathered wood for under the tires, etc for a good 30 minutes. His friend was much less than helpful and was rather counter productive. For example, trying to go forward and digging the wheels in deeper. So, we were unable to get the truck out but at least we tried (and their friend was on the way to tow them out).


I am really hoping that this is not foreshadowing devastation to our little family in the near (or even at all) future.

Aloha oe.

The Biggest Little City in the World

I have had a request recently (Kara Kay... fine, Jackson) to update my blog. I knew when I started blogging this would happen. I would blog all the time, and then suddenly lose interest and stop. So this will be short and to the point because I have lost motivation to blog lately.

Last weekend Jake and I went to Nevada to watch his dad be sworn in as an assemblyman, go sledding, and see baby Ellie, our (weird.... she's not weird. it's weird that she's our niece ) niece be blessed.

Londy-Loo! Lovin' the dirty cheeks

Rachel and London... I didn't have any pictures of Lily because she refused to take one. Diva.
Ellie on her day in the spotlight (which I'm sure is everyday, actually)
The whole fam damily

Taking family pictures at the Legislature