Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Midnight Motorcycles

When the Mr. and I moved into TVA I noticed a red motorcycle. As the weeks past, I noticed that the motorcycle never moved... and it was in the visitor parking.


I came up with an idea.

I thought it would be funny, if we moved the motorcycle. Then whoever came back to get it would be confused why it moved. Last night, about midnight, Jake wanted to go up to the point (where we reminisced about when we used to take Benny up there and make out) and take pictures of the moon on the water. On our way back, we decided to finally take the plunge and move the thing.
We parked the car, got out, and looked suspicious as we walked around... looked around... and then I realized this was a bad idea and started walking back to the car.
Then I got sucked back into my fabulously mischievous idea and we moved it. We moved it a couple rows up and over.
And then we got in the car as fast as we could and drove home.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my heck..... I would've been squiling and peeing my pants telling you to hurry up! haha And if only there were cameras installed, or if only you knew when they'd return so you could watch. You'll have to update if anything happens!