Monday, February 28, 2011

Yeah... my family knows celebs.

Thanks Jen for this post. It makes me feel good that I can tell people that brother in law lived in Hollywood and knows tons of cool stars. Like Paul Walker! Hoooooooot...! It's okay, Jake knows.


Katie's 1st Concert

This Saturday we took Katie to see the Aquabats play. It just so happens that Go Go 13 was opening for them. On occasion, Go Go 13 stays at our house when they come to Phoenix to play a gig. So, Katie was excited to see her Go Go 13 friends play before the Aquabats. We had a lot of fun! Little known fact: Tom used to play with the Aquabats before his mission. Oh, and our names were on the list to get into the show. For just a minute we felt like VIPs cause we just walked right in and didn't have to pay:)

Katie was on Tom's shoulders almost the entire time-singing and dancing the whole time. She was so cute!!! After the show, we went backstage and talked to Christian (lead singer of the Aquabats & Tom's old friend) and Parker (Christian's brother) with Go Go 13. We had SO much fun!!! We got home at midnight and we were all pooped. Kellen got special treatment that night too. He got to go to Uncle Scott's house and watch movies. He also got to spend the night. I think Kellen felt like the guest of honor.

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