Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Biggest Little City in the World

I have had a request recently (Kara Kay... fine, Jackson) to update my blog. I knew when I started blogging this would happen. I would blog all the time, and then suddenly lose interest and stop. So this will be short and to the point because I have lost motivation to blog lately.

Last weekend Jake and I went to Nevada to watch his dad be sworn in as an assemblyman, go sledding, and see baby Ellie, our (weird.... she's not weird. it's weird that she's our niece ) niece be blessed.

Londy-Loo! Lovin' the dirty cheeks

Rachel and London... I didn't have any pictures of Lily because she refused to take one. Diva.
Ellie on her day in the spotlight (which I'm sure is everyday, actually)
The whole fam damily

Taking family pictures at the Legislature


  1. What on earth is happening in that last picture?

  2. LOL - I was totally going to call you out on the initial "weird" comment as a joke. I know what you meant after a moment but when I first read it I was like, "What?!! Oh heckkk didn't just call my baby weird! You wanna piece of this!!!!?"

    Love the pics, and loved spending time together that weekend. Looking forward to summer!