Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hacobo's Birthday Presnent.

So this year as most of you know Jake asked for a Canon Rebel T2i....


We went to Best Buy a couple weeks ago to just go "look at it". While there, we discovered that the price was going to go up before his birthday...the time we planned to go buy it.

So... we got it early to save about a hundred bucks.

Being the mean wife that I am, I hid it from him until the night before his birthday and the only reason he got it a day early was because he would be spending the weekend in the Castle's Hospital being paid to take a constipation medication and be highly monitored.

I learned a very 


very valuable lesson that night.

Do not give your husband a new toy before you go to bed. If you do, the light will be on for the next hour and flashes of light will hit your eyes because he's practicing by taking pictures of you sleeping!

 It's really cute... he walks around with it around his neck and people have actually asked me if he does this all the time.

We went to the school musical Oklahoma! which I did not realize was so scandalous! 

Jake did not end up getting into the study. He was an alternate which is still paid, just take another zero off the original number... We took the day to go to the beach, grocery shop, and later that night went with some friends to Cheesecake Factory for their birthday. We shared a meal and even then we had leftovers. Whew!

Stay tuned. I'm sure our lives will become more exciting soon.

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