Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to the world of lies

i've noticed something lately. people (mostly girls) are so incredibly fake. think about it.

Heidi Montag

o.m.g. like how natural, right?!

make up
dying hair
fake-baking/tanning lotion/etc.
fake eyelashes/extensions
hair extensions
plastic surgery
color contacts

must i go on? and i know we are all guilty of at least a few of these.


let me back track for a moment. back in mid july-ish (we can't remember) i was making a trip to reno to visit my then fiance. i was driving home when i got a brilliant idea to dye my dark blond hair deep brown just to freak him out. i pulled over to local CVS and bought a box of "wash out" dye. (okay I admit that it did say not recommended for lighter hair colors but totally ignored it. if you know me by now you'll think duh...of course i did) i was supposed to leave for the airport in an hour but called morgan to come dye it.
before; original

of course, the box lied to me and permanently stained my hair forever blessing me with roots.

now already having this blessing bestowed upon me i have been so tempted to experiment a little. jake even asked me to go blond blond. um... ew! no offense to all the blonds out there, i just feel like way too many people want to be blond.

i made an appointment for tuesday to do strip my hair. the girl said it would take out my nasty/wt/cheap dye job and i will be back to my original color. we'll see...

moral of the story. i am rather disappointed in the way our society feels about these things. why can't we all just accept how we are and live with it? this may be my laie feeling where make up is a rarity and only the newcomers and freshman try look cute for school, but really. leveling out the playing field by taking away all this crap that we spend hour(s) doing in the morning should be trashed.

my solution is this; lets all just shave our heads and go all natur-al. any takers?

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  1. erica!!! this is exciting! i want to see your hair after it's done.

    and i miss you.

    and i hate liars.

    and i'm a natural, not fake, blond.

    haha bye!