Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Online Shopping.

Jake thinks I'm crazy for doing this, but tonight I made the very first purchase for our future kiddos.


I remember going to buy a Disney movie once and the girl at the store told me that Disney only sells their movies for a short time then put them in the "vault" and you must wait for it to come back again. And of course, the prices are way jacked up. I know that you can still rent it for now, but what happens when in 5 years I want my kids to see it and it has been "locked away"? Now I don't know the rules, but I chose to error on the side of caution.

So, tonight I ordere Tangled online and had it shipped to my parents house (oh yeah hey mom, watch out for that. And let me know when it comes in? Thanks.) so we don't have to pack it up to be sent home. 

I have a feeling that it will be opened long before any kiddos arrive or are planned to arrive. Meaning I can't wait to watch it again!
Side note.
Jake was doing the dishes tonight and listening to Mary Poppins, (don't look at me!) and came into our bedroom - ahem - bed area and said...

"No one can replace Mom, but Julie Andrews come damn close!"

Awh... what a thoughtful statement!


  1. Yes they hold them forever, then they're expensive. Good business idea, but dumb for people like us. Good buy though, that's a great movie!

  2. Oh shucks...thanks. Mary Poppins is mighty good stuff to have as a replacement:)
    Nevada Mom
    P.S. Mary Poppins & Mom would say "Jacob don't use profanity. It isn't proper":)

  3. I was amassing a collection of children's books long before I had children. In fact, for my FOURTEENTH birthday I received a collector's edition of Winnie The Pooh along with a matching bathrobe.

    Weird? Yes.
    Homeschooled? Yes.
    Embarrassing to admit? Yes.

    Do i now have an awesome children's library? Yes!