Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting ready to go.

Lately, our little apartment has become more and more empty.

We have been selling our stuff to get ready for the big move, which means lots of little things that are making a big difference.
(Don't judge me for not caring about the quality of these pictures)

Our Tv and entertainment center are now gone...

Jake's drawers are now gone which means our dresser is now a bit fuller and this box holds the rest.

Our magnets and diner menu have been sold which is why the fridge looks so empty and there are lots of plastic bags housing random items.

We also have many things that are "reserved" until we don't need them anymore, but there are a few pesky items we can't seem to get rid of!

It's happening. It's really, finally, actually happening! We're packing and graduating!
(technically Jake already has graduated, but is walking with me in 13 days!)

Graduation announcements have been ordered and sent out and I'm down to my last test in most classes!

Getting down to the end!

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