Sunday, March 11, 2012

Laie Lake.

Recently we have had a lot of rain. 

A lot a lot.

On Friday, most of the town flooded, including our yard. We were lucky enough that the hard rain stopped just as it would have flooded our apartment.

There was an e-mail sent out that classes were cancelled "at the discretion of your professor".

Of course I got an e-mail from my professor 10 minutes before class started and I was already waded my way to the school.

NO class today.

Begin building your ark!!!!

See you in class on Monday.

Campus Road

GCB computer lab. The floor is usually blue carpet.

Road to our apartment building.

This is after the water actually went down. This is a big field of grass in front of campus.

This picture is taken from our door. That water is the overflow of the irrigation river. You usually can't even see the river water and here it has way overflown!

This is what we woke up to Friday morning! I really wish you could see how hard the raining is falling.

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