Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goodbye, Benny!

Last night Jake and I said goodbye to Benny.

It was super sad, but we knew he would be sold eventually! Jake sold him to a freshman kid who lived in the hale dorm where Jake used to be an RA.

Before we sold him we made a pit stop at the Castle's Beach parking lot, did the what we did a lot of back in the dating day, yes it's what you think it was, plus a little somethin'-somethin' more just cause this time we actually could, and signed him away to his proud new papa.

It was really weird to be getting rid of the car Jake grew up in and we fell in love in.

The first time I met Jake's parents, they were kind enough to inform everyone at his surprise party that his little brother, Ian, was conceived in the back of that truck. Trust me, I never got that out of my mind every time we all climbed in.

Benny has been

- an apartment
- a movie watching/making out hot spot
- shelter from the rain
- a bus
- a surfboard stashing spot
- and much much more

Most of the pictures we have of Benny are from the inside, here's all I have for the outside

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  1. hahaha oh my gosh, that poor freshman. Ignorance IS bliss. haha