Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fruit/Vegetable Cleanse: Day Two

This is the worst idea I have ever had.




Never ever EVER do this!

I am constantly stuffing myself with as much fruit and vegetables as I can and the worst part is that only makes like 350 calories per day.

Because they are mostly water, I do not ever feel full!

Last night I mashed up a potato for dinner and allowed myself a teensy bit of salt and I finally felt not hungry!

Not full just not hungry... for about 15 minutes.

I have decided that I will eat only fruits and veggies for the amount of time that they are left, but instead of going back to the store for more I will resume regular food.

Mmmm... Bread! pasta! Chips! ANYTHING!

But you have to give me credit, for two whole days I have only eaten fruits and vegetables and only drank water.

Impressed? At least pretend. I need it.

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