Sunday, June 12, 2011

The job that white people "don't want"

You know those jobs that people say white people don't want...?


And I know this because WE are the white people that do those jobs.

Let me explain...

Jake works for a company that keeps up the yards on foreclosed houses and fixes the plumbing so when a realtor goes to show it, the house looks presentable. His mom sometimes cleans the insides of the houses. It actually makes decent money. I mean, I wouldn't say it's a dream job by any means but for the summer it works just fine.

On Saturday morning Jake and I got into this luxury vehicle

 and drove to Fernly where we met Alexis, my mother-in-law.

Fernly is one of those places where, well... you just don't know how to explain. I'll throw out a few hint words and see if you can figure it out from there.

Home to 6,000 beautiful toothless citizens.




This house is called an initial meaning no one has been there since the owner moved out so it is our job to clean up the crappiness they left behind.

This was obviously a female free house.

They left clothes, trash, furniture, gigantic layers of dusk on the carpet, booze dripping down the walls, pictures of his son, broken glass, dishes (dirty in the sink), and some gorgeous yellow rings in the toilets and gobs of hair clippings in the bathroom. Oh... and I wish I had a picture to show of their front wall which was checkerboard and the giant Nascar tire in the family room. Racing everything was all over this house.

We got to work cleaning the house with no water.

I got the easy jobs like knocking the dust off the baseboards and cobwebs from the ceiling, vacuuming, etc. 

Jake made a few trips to the dump and we even got a few visitors! Some local Fernly residents dropped by with their doll (a grown woman was carrying a doll with her...) to pick through the Goodwill pile. We discovered that they were having a garage sale with these items just down the road. Thrifty! 

Jake and I stayed for 8 hours cleaning the house with his mom but left to go pick up his sister and cousin at the water park while Alexis stayed another 3 hours finishing this pit hole!

Oh the things we do for money.

I was so annoyed that people live so disgustingly... especially considering I'm somewhat of a clean-freak.

So next time you hear that white people don't want to do those jobs, just think of Jake, Alexis and I! Almost college graduates who clean up other peoples' crap, literally, for some good cold cash.

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  1. Oh my heck, that was pretty funny. The woman with the doll was pretty good, wish I could've seen. Sounds like a great time! Ü I'd be pretty grossed out.... people can be super nasty.