Friday, June 10, 2011

Aloha from Nevada! Wait...what?

On Wednesday, I finished my 180 hours of interning for school. The last 100 hours were easy to finish because I was at the gym working for 9 to 11 hours a day... yeah. I'm so glad to be done but at the same time have that "Crap... now what am I supposed to do?" feeling. Usually this feeling takes me to a pool or the beach to just relax and maybe read and listen to my music for hours. However, I'm still searching for some water to bask in the sun next to. So far I have spent alot of time at the gym (which is probably why my whole body is incredibly sore... even the parts I didn't even mean to work out), cleaning the house and window shopping. I really wish I had a house to decorate and paint right about now. That would take up some time and keep me busy!

Jake is still working on the yards of foreclosed houses and also gets extra plumbing jobs to earn some extra cash. He has made a little more than we expected so are planning on a mini vaca to Six Flags! I may go with him on some of his work days and help out.

He has also come up with a business plan...

But this time it may be for real. Which makes me a little nervous. He has been doing some research and gotten some great feedback from business professionals. Hopefully... HOPEFULLY it takes off and makes us lots of money! That does mean we'd have to live in Reno for a few years after graduating in April.

It's so bitter-sweet to say that! I am stoked on graduating, but so very very sad to be leaving the beach. I have always said I don't want to live there long on the island long term, but we're going to have to make several return visits.

Jake and I are "all apple". I must say, it is nice to have my iPhone, MacBook Pro, and iPod all synced.

I have decided that I am ready to move on from my first car! I have been lusting after Xterras everywhere I go! I still love my little two door, but an SUV sounds so nice right now. Especially after struggling to get onto the gravel road the other day...

It was really rainy here for a few days and there is a 200 yard(ish) dirt road that goes between the house and the gravel. The rain made it pretty muddy and my little one had a struggle getting through the mud and puddles. Shout out to front wheel drive preventing me from getting stuck!


I know this wasn't very exciting and there are no pictures but there you have it. The latest.

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  1. Um no. No Reno for you. Sorry Jake! I'm only allowing Erica to live in the state in which I live!! :)