Tuesday, June 28, 2011

San Francisco

After the wedding, since we were already so close we decided to go to San Francisco.  It was fun to walk around the city and see the touristy sites. We saw Golden Gate Park, Haight Ashbury, the Wharf, Union Square and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Funny thing about the bridge...

Apparently there is a $6 toll which we had no idea. We saw a lane that was Fastrack or something like that and so we just drove on through. We have no idea what that really is but we used every time there was a toll road in California. We think maybe they'll just send us a bill or something. Can someone help me out and let me know what that's all about?

We also went to China town and had lunch there. It was really cool and they had some interesting stuff. Like a hat that had a frog face and then hand warmers at the bottom.

That night, we stayed with his Uncle Keith and Aunt Mary and the next day went to Six Flags! It was so fun and it was cool that they had a bunch of animals, too.


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