Sunday, November 7, 2010

The last week has been rather interesting for us. It started on  a Friday night when Benny, Jake's big 1985 suburban broke down about an hour away while on his "man night". After work that night I went and picked up 5 grown men and somehow shoved them all into my teeny tiny Corolla. Thank goodness we have two cars! The next day Jake took the Corolla so he work on Benny. While he did that, I took the spare key to the house, walked down to the school's fitness center and completed a work out I needed to do for one of my classes. When I got home I soon discovered that my key did not work and our landlord would not come open my door for me because it was not an emergency. My phone was dying and I had to be to work in about an hour with no way to get there. I called work to let them know the situation but no one would answer. By now, I was so low on battery I couldn't even call someone to take me to work in my work out attire and sweaty. Cute, huh? After sitting outside my house for about 3 hours, my neighbors broke into the small bathroom window and sent his grandson in to unlock the door from the inside. Benny was still not working so on Sunday we spent a good amount of time trying to find someone that had a truck big enough to tow the burban home. Monday, Jake fixed Benny! Hurray! The rest of the week went as normal until Friday when Rachel and Tyler (my brother and sister in law) had a baby girl! Congrats to them. She looks so freaking cute in her pictures and I'm trying to convince Jake we should go to Reno for Thanksgiving so I can hold her but apparently we don't have an extra 1200 bucks stashed away anywhere to go. This morning, we were woken up by a rooster and Jake threw eggs at it to scare it away. These are the eggs that went bad way too long ago and made me sick with food poisoning the other night. He's hoping that they will kill the rooster if he eats them. He doesn't think that it's as cruel as I do...
*This was very rushed! Please excuse bad grammar and such.

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  1. When days like that happen the best solution is to go back to bed, pull the covers over your head and hide from Murphy's Law:)
    Nevada MOM