Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The other night I left the house to go to my anatomy lab where I would turn my brain to mush learning over 60 muscle names for the week that sounded like gastrocnemius, abductor hallucis, peronues tertius, and my all time personal favorite the flexor digiti minimi brevis. Yeah... Why can't we just know that we have calves and deltoids?
When I came home completely brain fried an hour and a half later I found him like this. Cute, right?

Folding the laundry while gossiping on the phone with his brother Dan, and watching a documentary.
My eternal boyfriend is a freakin' stud.


  1. He didn't do so bad gettin you either:)
    Nevada MOM

  2. Oh well thanks! I'm still a beginner, too but I think we're starting to get a hang of this whole "marriage concept". Which also includes learning to talk back to him when he sleep talks. =) It's actually really fun sometimes!

  3. You guys are too cute. Lets figure out a way for you to get to Nevada for Thanksgiving!!???