Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Something to share

I need a minute to vent(ish)...
A few days ago I made a decision. Jake and I will adopt all of our children and tomorrow I will make an appointment to get my tubes tied (Okay fine, not really). Why? Because I have finally figured out that birth/pregnancy is not the beautiful magical bringing into the world a new life that people have lied to me about for the past twenty years of my life. I have been to baby showers where mothers tell their horrifying stories of pregnancy and child birth they have experienced. I don't understand why moms do this. I understand that it's not always the most comfortable experience in my life I will experience, but swaying my opinion beforehand is not going to make it any easier. Do you really truly think that telling another female that is probably already scared and nervous is going to feel any better when you tell her these graphic, disgusting painful details? Yeah... that's what I thought. Shame on you! Shame shame... TLC is good at reaffirming my "Adoption Only" theory as well. Have you ever seen the show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant? The words "The pain was so bad I wanted to die" frequents the script. I also like it when people tell me "Enjoy your body now, because it will never be the same after you have your first kid!" or "Yeah, I was sick for 9 months straight!" Then, it's about  my marriage. "Yeah, you and your husband will not be the way you are now once you have a baby!" Again, thanks for the encouragement.


On that note, Jake and I have a little big announcement that we would like to make to all of our family and friends!

We have only been married for three weeks (today)...

So please. Stop asking when we're having a baby. As described above, it doesn't look too appealing to me at the moment. 

Don't get the wrong idea, I think babies are great and all and it will happen, but not yet.

Definitely. Not. Yet.


  1. This is ALL. MY. FAULT.

    I am so sorry.

  2. However, in my defense...you should really give me another chance when I'm not pregnant. I'm really good at that part. And I have a whole list of OTHER stories then, ones that make the scary/gross parts SO WORTH IT.

  3. Oh shoot, another thing - sorry!:

    Don't believe the crap about your body getting ruined. The truth of the matter for me was that I loved my body MORE after children (And I think my hubby did too). Really. Even though technically not perfect, I felt pretty sexy. And two adorable children were like the perfect accessories to my whole look. ;)
    And lastly, then I promise I'll stop - if it was so horrible we wouldn't all be doing this. Which says a lot about what you get in the end. No pain, no GAIN.

  4. Rachel this is not all your fault. Really, I had a brief rampage while watching TLC.

  5. ... And after receiving jokes/comments about how I should be pregnant by now.

  6. good one rachel...now i will never get to be a dad. haha

  7. you need to stop watching i didn't know i was pregnant