Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last night after my husband so lovelingly gave me a back massage that put my so close to sleep, he went to do the dishes. I am so lucky that he does dishes because I cook dinner! Anyways... he wakes me up from my light sleep to let me know that the sink was not working. We've been having some minor electrical and plumbing problems so I thought "Great... We'll call HRI (the company we rent from) in the morning and just leave the rest of the dishes in the sink." On the other hand, I thought this might be a trick. But gave him the benefit of the doubt and got up to see if I could figure out the problem. As I turned on the water, I was given a shower by the nozzle attached. Thanks babe. How sweet of you. Well, I am not opposed to revenge. The video is a little shaky because I was laughing so hard! without any further ado here is Jacob Lloyd...


  1. bahahahahahahah this will go down in history, Erica. Next time I see you guys, Jake will be reminded of this incident. SSOOOOOOOOO funny. You are a good wife ;)

  2. you guys are hilarious! i can totally imagine jake falling on the floor laughing when you got sprayed by the sink