Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our first place

Jake and I have officially moved into our first new place. After two stuffed carts at Target and one at Bed, Bath and Beyond, everything is finally put away. Keep in mind when looking at these pictures, the Aloha couches and outdated paintings on the walls came with the place.

I discovered it is so much easier to create a menu for the week. It also helps when I go grocery shopping to know exactly what we need.

Jake was given the privilege of choosing the shower curtain. He said he didn't care which one but after I insisted that he really did care, he chose this one. Good choice.

Here is the "ceremonious" candle lighting. Jake wanted to light it so bad but I made him wait until everything was done. I told him that we were in our own little TLC show and they always do things like that last. So it was only natural that we wait, too... Right?


  1. Okay, I know I sound like a sentimental schmuck but I get teary watching your cute little candle moment together...I'm so glad you filmed it because you will always look back and treasure these first few months/year together. Aloha couches and all, your heart will always smile at your beginning. SO happy for you two.
    And the menu board is totally BOMB Erica, I don't know how we lived without ours (which by tradition, I actually learned from my mom, but her menus were on post-its)

    Love you guys, thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh you made my day! What a great little homemaker you are...I love your place but even more I love the images of you two roaming around the stores like two kids in a candy shop using your gift cards and setting up your nest:) We love you both...enjoy this time!

  3. Haazzaaahhhh! Congrats, I'm so glad you guys have a place in Hawaii so that ALL of us can come crash the party!!! Hooray for siblings on tropical islands!!!

    Congrats to you both. The house looks great and you're off to a great start.

    Dan, Ali, and Finnan

    P.S. How do you guys reach the toilet paper from the pot? It seems like the largest single distance in your whole house?

  4. Wow, what a cool first place. Thanks again for the awesome gift card. Tom and I enjoyed a lovely meal, without little friends, together. It was super yummy! I hope you have a wonderful semester.