Friday, September 17, 2010

Week and a half down...

Jake and I have been married for about a week and a half now. The honeymoon was awesome and I am so sad that we couldn't bring the villa from Scottsdale with us... *sigh* I would have to say the one of my favorite conversations that we had during the wedding, reception, honeymoon, and openhouse was actually on the plane ride home to Hawaii.

We have this game... which probably isn't very typical. If we had the chance to date a celebrity who would it be?

After a long and very entertaining or annoying conversation for the people around us, we finally decided that we could have Rachel Mcadams and Christian Bale. He didn't approve if Paul Walker or Ryan Reynolds and his answers were just ridiculous (none were Megan Fox thank goodness). I think we were both rather happy with our final decisions.


  1. Too bad we didn't know about the Paul Walker. Tom may have been able to set you up with him. Tom used to know him back in the day. Small world!

  2. Yeah Tom told me about that a while ago... Probably before I was even allowed to date.