Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tonight's Theme: Cuddling.

I'm about to get mushy.

Really mushy.

And I am not that type of person.

I like to get things done. I can't stand having items on my to do list and will would rock them out in a day. Since having the boys, I get one or two things done in a day versus the 13 it used to be. Sometimes it makes me feel very unproductive, but I get that I'm raising two newborn babies.
After I feed them, generally if they are happy I will set them down to "do as much as I possibly can before they start to fuss". Lately, however, I've gotten more sentimental and am trying to slow myself down. These babies won't be babies forever and I'm already starting to see the physical changes taking place. I'm excited for what's coming next but also so incredibly sad that they are growing up. I know, They are only six weeks old which is nothing, but it is still something.

Today, while Oliver was sleeping and Wyatt was falling asleep, I had the "good! They're sleeping, I can go clean the bathroom now." Mid thought I had another one. "No... Take time."

I took advantage of the situation my babies made for me and laid on the bed, cuddling Wyatt in my arms close to my chest and just kissed his bald little head smelling his babiness.

Oliver gets his cuddles, too. Plenty.
Oliver : Wyatt
I want to make more of an effort to be with the twins and soak up every last piece of them at the stage they are in because I know it won't last forever... Or for long.

I want to change my to do list from frivolous things like cleaning the floor and taking out the trash to take the boys for a walk and rock Oliver to sleep. It will mean so much more in the long run and I can remember how they stared into my eyes while we sat on the couch when I held him.
I want to block out my perfectionist and be okay with the fact that the dirty dishes from lunch are in the sink and coo and gaga and play with my little peanuts before they grow up and won't play with me anymore.

I want to enjoy every part of them being babies, even the difficult ones, because who knows if I'll ever get to do this again.
Jake laughs at how different this Christmas is from last for me. I'm much more enthusiastic about decorating the house, getting a tree, going out to see the Zoo lights!

Yes, they are only six weeks and do not know what is going on, but for me, every second of their to tininess counts and I want to take full advantage of every moment I have of their childhood.
Wyatt : Cuddles with Oliver
Now, please excuse me while I go pick my itty bitties out of their crib and surround myself with babies.

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  1. Love this. A great reminder! I want to snuggle your babies!