Friday, August 30, 2013

Crafts and Crap

I officially no longer work anymore.


It has been so awesome to catch up on the things around the house that I got behind on and work on projects. I also love having a squeaky clean house! Back to the projects;

This wingback for example...

This chair took me months to reupholster. There were so many staples in this thing, and then putting it all back on was like a giant puzzle. I'm so glad to finally have this finished and I can say that I will never ever do this ever again.

I found some cute things perusing Pinterest a while back and just got around to trying these out...

I'm really not all that crafty (trust me) so these took a bit longer to make than the directions said. NEVER trust Pinterest.


  1. LOVE the chair. But I is hell and every time I finish a project I swear NEVER AGAIN!

  2. The chair looks great and I didn't know you could do all that! When did my sisters get so crafty? I feel so lame!