Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Flooring!

Ever since we moved into this house, we knew that the very first home improvement project would be to tile the downstairs.

We saved our pennies but knew we'd still have to do it as cheap as possible, especially after we chose more expensive tile. Our answer to this was to tile it ourselves.

 First, we started with the downstairs bathroom. This was the practice area.

Look at his plumbers crack! Makes me giggle every time.

First all the linoleum was ripped out and the toilet and sink had a new home in the entry way. Jake did a really great job but we decided to go for a darker and thinner grout line.

We saved up for a few more months and then bought the tile for the rest of the house which absolutely killed me! I am very impatient.

Here is the downstairs entryway/kitchen before...

This was also Koa's favorite place to pee and poo so it was actually kinda starting to stink a bit.

Carpet up to the kitchen area and under the kitchen table.

Our sweet "first born" wagging her tail...

Then we started the demolition process. So fun but so scary all at the same time.

Notice te linoleum under the other linoleum?!  First off how lazy can you be? Secondly, this is why it stated to stink. Koa's "presents" seeped into the bottom layer as well as water from mopping. The under layer was still damp. Um ew!
Now Jake got to work laying the tile. I put down a total of... about 4. I was kinda nervous I would mess it up!

I have more pictures but they won't upload. So sorry.

While he did this, I cleaned up and repainted the baseboards.

Of course this is totally candid!
 I helped grout, as well as Jake's friend Brian, and it is now finished! Please ignore the doggy toys.

The grout is supposed to be a much darker brown so you can't see the seam and the tile looks much more like wood, however, it is still so dusty it is that lighter color. I cannot tell you how many times I have swept and mopped and the floor still feels and looks dusty.

I'm currently working on a new kitchen table and chairs, since the current one just doesn't work. I'll be happy to have it done but it is a long slow process.


  1. Double linoleum, gross. haha That looks awesome! Nice that the kitchen table isn't on carpet anymore! WooHoo, Go Hansen's!

  2. Wowww I am so impressed!! We have carpet under the kitchen table and it kills me. It's a rental though. You guys are so handy!

  3. This looks great! I'm excited to see it in person!:)