Sunday, February 3, 2013

You Know you Married Into The Most Patriotic Family Ever When...

You Know you Married into the Most Patriotic Family Ever When...
(All very cool by the way)

  • Your Father in Law is in the Nevada State Assembly
  • Your Sister in Law does rodeos where her specialty is goat tying
  • Your Sister in Law and Mother in Law listen to debates and Council Meetings on the radio for fun
  • Your Mother in Law calls in to the radio station with a fake name to ask her husband...ahem... the Assemblyman about his views on issues
  • Your Sister in Law sang I'm Proud To Be An American at a debate tournament because she didn't know about the issue debated
  • The entire side of his family knows about every General/War/Political Issue/Historical Fact/Treaty/etc. about the U.S. of A
  • Your Brother in Law is applying for the Naval Academy
And last but by far definitely not least...

  • Your husband comes home from the hardware store with the biggest freaking American flag you have ever seen for the front of the house and thinks it weird that you don't really want that massive thing hooked to your house
Well ladies and gentlemen... God bless America

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