Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Koa-constrictor

Shellie's husband, Mark, gave Koa her full name.

I had a friend over last week while Jake was out of town. Her adorable little girl was with her coloring on the floor. The two if us got to talking and she expressed that her childless friends with dogs spoil their puppies and treat them like their kids. How they compared her little girl to their doggies.

"But you aren't like that, right?"
"No! Oh my gosh, no! She definitely is our baby because we don't have one, but I would never compare her to a real baby."


I'm a liar.

Looking back at that I realized that we are exactly like that! I admitted that we spoil her to death and treat her like our babe, but every time someone has a story about their newborn sleeping through the night, potty training their child, etc I instantly remember one about Koa! However, she does not sleep in bed with us (only while watching something on Netflix) and she eats her puppy food.

I still would never compare the two, but we disgust me. We talk about each other as Mommy or Daddy when baby talking to doggie, she gets a new toy when she is a good girl, and cuddles with us during The Bachelor!

It's something that couples with a kid can't relate to... And boy do I feel bad for them.


  1. haha I'd probably be the same. She is BEAUTIFUL! And that 2nd viseo is so spaztic!! So funny and adorable!

  2. I do that all the time! It's only natural to try to relate. :) ps. Darcy watched the 2nd video so intently! It was hilarious!!