Sunday, May 20, 2012


We made it to Arizona. Finally. 

We made a brief stop in Vegas and went to a buffet looking uber-classy.

Everyone else around us were wearing sparkling dresses and clean ironed shirts, so of course we didn't stand out when I forgot my soccer shorts didn't have pockets and stuck my phone in my bra. 

I didn't have any other choice.

A few other highlights included

  1. "Lucy", our 2005 Chevy coupe reaching 73,000 miles!
  2. Seeing a guy running in the middle of nowhere running with a baton being escorted by a cop car. Jake and I both called each other at the same time and he answering with "...what the crap did we just see?"
  3. Driving for an hour in only desert, seeing another random guy walking and being in the middle of desert for another two hours.*
  4. Forgetting to put my gas cap/shutting the gas door when leaving the gas station. Jake saw it just before pulling out onto the road so we avoided that catastrophe.
  5. Getting our rental car (to put the rest of our stuff in) for two days for only $70! They didn't even have a drop fee for returning in another state.
** If I had more room in the car and wasn't a little afraid of ending up dead on the side of the road, I would have picked him up and help him out. However, I watch too many movies and have some common sense.

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