Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Since we only owned one car and knew we needed a second, Jake and I have been saving up so we could a buy a truck as "his" car. We had been looking around online for a bit in Hawaii and had found some really great deals on Nissan Frontiers and Toyota Tacomas, which were what we were wanting to buy. I was out cleaning a house a couple days before my birthday and when I got back, Jake told me he went and looked at a truck but the guy wasn't willing to budge on the price of the truck.


Well, I showered off and changed before we went to my parents' house for my birthday dinner a couple days early. Jake seemed to be disappearing fairly often but I didn't think much of it because he had said that he was certain the man selling the truck would come down on the price and he motion to me that he is who he was talking to.

Bam. He got the price he wanted and we needed to leave just then to pick it up. I was so excited that Jake was going to get his car that I knew he really wanted. He continuously told me that he did not mind one bit driving around my girly little white two door with the spoiler on the back and crystal chain hanging from the rear view mirror but it made me feel so good that this would be his man mobile! And let's face it, I've always had a thing for guys in trucks.

On the way there, he pulled up a picture of the "truck" and it wasn't.

It was actually my birthday present.

A brand new (to us) Nissan Xterra with the Off Road package, the big wheels, the sports rack, the fold-back-into-a-truck-bed seats, the side steps, and automatic.

He knows I love big cars *refer to above statement about trucks* and bought the Xterra I have been wishing I had for the past 4ish years, even down to the bigger model. What a freaking stud.

He even apologized that it wasn't black, but silver was all they had. At this point, color does not even matter. He definitely got a big I-love-you-so-much thank you!

So happy birthday to me. We needed a family car sometime anyways, right? And he is excited to drive it, too. But now I have to do something really huge to out-do this birthday surprise.

Wish I had a better picture.

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