Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Jake calls me a Grinch because I refuse to celebrate Christmas until November is OVER! Not just Thanksgiving, but the entire month. November already has a holiday. Why does Thanksgiving not get that much credit? It's really hard to believe it's Christmas time when trying to finish up school. On top of that, I think Christmas music is mostly annoying.

I'm sorry, okay.

I just can't help but already be tired of it by day three when it really is only the same 15 songs played over and over and over and over again. That is why I fully embrace weird renditions or even a few new ones that appear each year.

As I tell you this, I'm listening to Christmas music.

Mr. Hubby of mine is at a school meeting and I just finished cleaning the house. I do that when he leaves for something. I somehow think he'll come home and be impressed.

"Wow! This place looks great! You were so productive while I was gone! And even your nightstand shelves...? Wow! Erica, you really out-did yourself this time!"

But he never really notices that much. It's okay. I don't mind.

As I was listening to Pandora earlier while doing the dishes, a new Christmas song came on I had never heard. Yippee! When I checked the artist it was Justin Bieber. Crap.

I've been studying my butt off for finals lately and I was going to put in another half hour tonight but I have decided to slack it off and add in another session tomorrow. I am burnt out today. And I really will. I promise.

I took my lab practical today for my athletic training class and almost got 100%. I did all my skills perfectly until I did an open basket and forgot the ace wrap. I lost 10 points for it.
I know you may not have understood any of that, but I had to add that in.

The last final I have is on Thursday and it's the one I'm most worried about.

Motor Learning.

You may recall a post where I vented about that obnoxious teacher.

Wish me luck!

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