Thursday, November 3, 2011

One of those posts where I complain about stuff

Before proceeding to reading this post please be aware that it is not a happy one. In fact, I may not even actually publish this.

Today has been one of those days. You know, the one where you get out of bed unhappy about being up early to go do something you don't want to do looking and feeling like crap.

Last night I got back from the hospital a lot later than planned. I was so tired and did not want to shower even after trying to convince myself that I had lots of yucky germs from being around sick people and surgery. My mom always had me take a shower right away when we got back from the hospital. Our family goes to the ER a lot. Seriously. And it's been from us girls! Anyways...

I picked up a little, made dinner which turned out to be so gross, and waited for Jake to get home from filming a property in town. By the time he got home we both went straight to bed.

I had a 7am class this morning; Motor Learning. Awesome class, horrible teacher. He's one of those teachers who knows everything and can never be wrong. He is constantly saying "stop worrying about your points in school and just learn the material! I don't want you to memorize, I want you to learn." Well, Coach Porter, there are these weird things they call grades and you have to get a good one to pass your class. He is also that professor who will tell you "this is a correct statement, but not quite the exact one I was looking for."
Coach Porter. P.s. He worships that stupid puka shell necklace

So of course I was overly tired from going to bed way too late so I wore athletic pants and a sweatshirt to school and did not put on any makeup or do anything with my hair. Already starting off not so good.

Well thats odd, because it's the one you gave us and I gave you the correct concept but not in your words. Hmmm... wouldn't that be memorizing? Which is what you do NOT want us to do?

I pointed that out to him in class one day, and you guessed it, he said I was interpreting it wrong. He said I wasn't understanding what he said but was memorizing it. In his lectures, he reminds us that he is an expert in everything that life has to offer and we are merely college students. 

How silly of me to not remember my place in this pyramid.

Last week we took a midterm. I studied for hours bringing myself to tears trying to memorize my notecards and yes, I did remember every single flashcard in that disgustingly tall stack. I was spitting out everything like it was a first language to me. I left feeling pretty great about my score but anxious at the same time. There were just a few questions I was unsure of but the rest... BAM! I was sure to have an A if any other teacher were giving it but since it was Coach Porter I wriggled it down to an 80% at the least.

Today we got our scores back. I was friggin' pissed. SO ANGRY! I did not get an A or a B. I looked up the questions I got wrong in my notes and book and they were spot on. Who did he think he was to mark it wrong. He told the class that if we wanted to argue for any points we could bring our tests to the front of the room after class and we could discuss it.

Okay. That's fine. I'll just show him my notes and my answer and get those points back.

"Coach Porter, I have this answer that I think deserves the points. Could you take a look at it really fast?"

"Sure. Let's see... speed acuracy trade of. Okay, so you put where a performance is practiced at a lower speed to ensure best acuracy or vice versa. Well that is a correct statement however it is not the definition is it?"

Because I was missing or vice versa? Really?

"Um... yeah actually it is."

Please keep in mind this semester I have been such a respectful and awesome student in this class because he is notorious for failing 50% of his students; usually the ones he does not like.

"No, it's actually not."

"Coach Porter, look. That is my notes which I copy exactly the way you say it."

"I know that school is just about points to you so let's look it up in the book. Oh look it says when a performance is practiced at a lower speed to ensure best acuracy or vice versa. So you do not have the correct definition, I can't give you full points. You see that?"

"I see what you pointed out but I understood the concept instead of memorizing it like you asked us to. I still feel that that is the correct definition but I'm not going to argue over it anymore."

Exit Erica.

I've always been nothing but nice to this guy who does not deserve any respect at all from me but this time talking to me like I was six was not going to fly. This is the same man that put one of his tennis players on a vegetable only diet for 3 weeks because he needed to lose 30 pounds. When his athlete told him in the middle of practice he was feeling very weak and light headed Coach Porter said "It's part of the process, just try to get over it."

Next, we had a Sports Psychologist come in and talk to us. He started out by saying

"So who wants to be just an Athletic Trainer after graduating."

Excuse me? Just an Athletic Trainer? Well, Tubby, when you just told us you ruptured your achilles and how you called our head trainer you weren't calling her just an Athletic Trainer then were you, sweet pea?!

"Now who wants to be something more like a physical therapist or a chiropractor! Awesome!"

This guy had hit the wrong nerve and he was not going to reverse that today. He later told me that because I was slouching in my chair and not dressed successfully, I was not going to be successful in life. 

Ooh buddy. You just put your life on the line.

The rest of his presentation was all about being positive and controlling your feelings and using your internal energy to move the pendulum with your mind.

Like I said, I was not in a good mood today. And I did not proof read this either.

But I did feel a little better when I got home and made dinner.

Am I the only one who feels like wifery is a competition in Relief Society?

"I have a wonderful roast in the crock pot right now waiting for us to eat it when we get home! I also pre-maid golden mashed potatoes staying warm in the oven. And for dessert, I made ice cream last night by hand. Oh you don't...? Well that's okay. You'll probably get better at cooking when you are married longer."

Well you know what Sister Betty-Lou Whoo? I think I do just fine with making dinner six times a week and Jake at least pretends to like it.

Tonight I made French Dips. Not gourmet but hey, I think it gets the job done.

Browning the roast beef

Au Jus

All done. Yes, I even toasted the bun with butter and onion.

I know it's just a sandwich, but lets face it, nothing else was going to happen for dinner.

Thank you for listening to my rants and raves!


  1. Erica! 6 times a week is more than me - lately it's been like..."Let's scrounge around for something...scrambled eggs? grilled cheese? cap'n crunch??"

    we need to go on a walk. sorry about your class! ALMOST GRADUATED!

  2. I can't believe I read all of this. hahaha kidding, but that teacher is hideous and that necklace is gross. He sounds super ignorant and annoying. And that speaker... :( well, we'll be done so soon!!! Ü

  3. The necklace says it all...

    and your dinner looks bomb diggity. French dips are one of my faves!