Friday, September 30, 2011

Ho... ly Toledo

Holy crap.

You guys.


I am taking 17 credits, being a TA, and working 6 days a week.

Currently everything besides those three things listed above have been neglected including some of my homework.

The house was just a jumble of our stuff everywhere (until this morning when I woke up early to clean up).

Tonight is the second time in 7 days I have actually made dinner.

Jake is being neglected.*

My wifely duties are being neglected.

My family is feeling neglected because they call when I can't answer and when I call them back I can only talk for about 10 minutes while I'm walking from one class to another class/work/home/back to school.

I don't remember the last time I went grocery shopping.

I leave the house to be at school at 7 in the morning and get home until sometimes usually after 7 that night...

and my nutrition is being neglected AKA I honestly forget to eat until 10 that night.

So if I don't call you back, text you back, Facebook you back, it's because I am trying to catch up on life.
Please don't be offended.

I am really looking forward to April...**

But today!! Guess what I did...

got caught up on my current homework so tomorrow I only have to prep the mens soccer team for their game! Yippee!

got to leave work 20 minutes early tonight

cleaned the house

and dinner is on the stove.

I feel!

Til next time I find five minutes to catch you all up...

*I don't know how moms go to school! Sometimes when I'm trying to do my homework at home, I really just need Jake to leave. I can't entertain him/answer his usually unimportant questions when I'm trying to concentrate. Please don't suggest the library. I can't watch the freshman flirt so horribly anymore. And I'm not being mean, because Jake said that when he's working he wants me to be gone, also.

** Did I mention that I have applied for graduation and ordered my cap and gown?! I did in fact do a happy dance and the guy that took my application looked at me funny and I didn't even care. It felt a-freaking-mazing.


  1. Oh man, that sucks. Not 2 seconds ago was I complaining about how busy I feel, but now I feel a little foolish. Try to hold onto your sanity.