Sunday, May 1, 2011

First time for everything...

Growing up, paying to get our car washed, even thinking about it, was insanity.

My mom would say "Why would you pay someone to wash your car when you can do it for free in the driveway?" (Add disgusted look on the face)

Well the 15 hour drive from Arizona to Nevada made my little Lucy disgustingly dirty. Inside and out! And I like to keep my car clean... really clean.

There was dirt, dead bugs, bunny sadness (maybe not physically but emotionally still there) sand, crushed goldfish crackers, you name it dirty-ing the in and out of the car. 

So on Saturday, Jake taught me how to go to a drive through car wash for my very first time. And I'm almost 21 years old.

It was weird. SO weird! And a little bit scary...

I'm claustrophobic and when I couldn't see out the windows because of the suds, and knew I wasn't allowed to open the doors, I panicked a little bit.

They had free ever-lasting-vacuums at the end and rags to wipe down your dash, etc.

It was easy. It cheap. It enabled me to be lazy. And made me happy that Lucy is clean, happy and healthy.

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