Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Lately while blogstalking I noticed something rather interesting and annoying to me.

Fellow bloggers are taking my stuff. 


Who does that? 

I have noticed that pictures I use (from google of course) are in others blog posts. Hmmm... What a coincidence that we just happened to both stumble upon the same picture from the 18th page of Google images!


Blog titles are identical, and yes, I used it first and before I went private.

I seriously considered commenting on the peoples' posts and calling them out on stealing my material.

Please. Come up with your own ideas. 


In other news... I would like to share with you all my latest traumatic experience which I was laughed at by my mother-in-law, 12 year old sister-in-law, and husband.

As we all know, I grew up in the suburbs of Arizona. The only experience I have had with road kill is what I see on the side of the road when "road tripping" in the desert. The drive up to the house here in Nevada is a stretch of road with no street lights and bunnies that you have to be careful of because they like to dart across the road at night.

On the way home from "The Olive Garden" the other night Jake and I were making our way up the road and chit chatting. A rabbit then ran in front of the car and I felt the car hit it, then the back wheel run over the creature! 

What the crap just happened? Of course... I started crying. No, not just crying sobbing. I was sobbing over a rabbit! When we got to the house, I was re-taught the "circle of life" like a 5 year old and yes, I know, it happens.

But come on, you can understand my emotional-ness after feeling the hit and then the bump.

Rest in peace my little friend.

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