Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Temple View Apartment

Here it is. Our second place. AKA our 500 square feet of bliss!


We took a picture at a Dave and Buster's photo booth and apparently one of our babies will look like this. Of course I put it on the fridge!

Our first milkshakes in bed. Awh!

Just thought I'd show you all how genius I am. Our storage was exposed so I put a shower curtain over it.

Our smoke detector that keeps beeping...

I've accepted the fact that our shower/tub always has swimsuits and sand in it.

These are great. Just remember it's there when you lean over to adjust the water.

This is our water heater. Our showers are limited to about 3 minutes, the water goes cold after that. It's weird knowing that I have to choose between shaving my legs, or washing my hair.

We now have 3 cans of SPAM in our cupboards. We LOVE to make musubis, which we cannot get enough of. Before, if I had bought this it probably would have just sat there. But now, these cans are being emptied almost daily. AND I have to give Jake credit because he makes better musubis than I do.

I have also accepted that surfboards are a regular piece of decor through out the house.

And again...

I love our massive closet. But it looks so empty... ;)

Our toilet will randomly flush when it is not even being used, then when we want it to work of course it doesn't. I like to think of it as a guessing game.

I wanted to point out to my mom just a few of our text books that yes, we do use.

And last but not least, the piggy bank. Every good house becomes a home once there is a piggy bank involved... especially if it has been won from game tickets.


  1. Oh my goodness...of course the picture of my future grandson caught my eye!!! He is adorable.
    Happy Housewarming at your new place. Hopefully the rent makes it all worthwhile with the dammit and such.
    Nevada Mom

  2. Erica! I love that I got on your blog today. I'm so happy, I can't stop giggling to myself. I love your child, I love your dammit, I love your crazy toilet, I love your awful water heater. hahaha future fridge baby will love hearing about your first home.