Thursday, January 13, 2011


Don't mind me, just holding the screen door open with my leg.

Is our door dam. Which very quickly received the name the "dammit". We have this at our door because our building floods. And we were lucky enough to have the privilege of living in the one that floods first! As you may or may not know, we are having some serious SERIOUS rain this year. Our door dam used to be about knee height, but some of our neighbors had theirs stolen so we cut ours in half so it is at that perfect height where it trips you but low enough to not see it and forget that it's there.

Our friend, Nicole, had this experience. She came over the other night after eating it at her own place with scrapes and serious bruise-age all up and down and her shins! If the flood doesn't get us... the dammit will.


  1. hahahaha...thats too funny. i love it

  2. hahahahaha Oh my stars and gardeners, that is HIIIILARIOUS!! This story will keep me happy for atleast a couple hours. :)

  3. So so funny! and yet tragic at the same time!