Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a wedding dress... not just another Sunday

I'm a bit of a wedding critic. Okay a lot of one.My husband often asks me "how they did" and "from a scale of 1 to 10, what did they get?"
So I have a question.
Whatever happened to wearing a wedding gown on your special day?
(Don't be offended by my opinion)
Not a white dress suit.
Or a white cocktail dress.
 But a wedding. dress.
Sure, I appreciate a good ivory, or off white tone and perhaps a tea-length but seriously...? Ladies...! What are you doing? Do you really want to look back and think to yourself "oh good, I'm so glad I wore something that I'm pretty sure I could wear to church next week!" 


Okay... This is more something I would wear if it was my second or third marriage and only 6 people were going to come.

*Sigh* Gwen, Gwen Gwen...
Very cute dress! But... I don't see how this is a bridal gown.

I have been stumbling upon blogs and facebook albums of weddings and have become increasingly disappointed with the lack of actual "wedding-ness" they contain. Perhaps this is just my opinion, but while asking others on their thoughts it turns out I am not the only one.


  1. I see people get married all the time at the court. They are often dressed in colorful (tacky!) prom dresses. It makes me laugh and then I feel sad for the poor weirdo that actually thought that was a good idea!

  2. Hahahahaaa!!!! Erica, I was just reading this post and paused to tell Camaron about this girl whose wedding pictures I just saw and I thought she fit right into your post ...then I see you saw her pictures too! (Last pic you posted) True, way cute dress, but I totally agree, I'd wear it to church next Sunday.

  3. I knew putting that last one on was a bit of a risk... Whoops!