Monday, January 24, 2011

10 Things plus 2 bonuses

The other day I knew I was going to write a "10 things as of lately" blog so I kept a few things in mind. 
And then... 
I forgot them. So here is what I do remember though.
(In no particular order)
1. I have an AWFUL knot in my back for the past week-ish. It has woken me up in the middle of the night so I in turn wake up Jake... who rubs it for me. He's only half awake when he does it and he sleep talks so it's fun for me to talk to him.
2. Whenever Jake goes DP aka dawn patrol aka gets up at the butt-crack of dawn to go surf, I ask him to give me a kiss before he leaves. Today I was leaving for class before he woke up so I bent over to give him a tender kiss and in turn I get a freaking punch to the face!! Unintentionally he claims. Luckily, no visible injuries were received.
3. I finally got accepted to do my internship(s) in Reno!! YAY!! I will be working as an athletic trainer at Jake's old high school, and working in an athletic club training rehabilitating athletes... the two topics I am torn between pursuing.
4. A few nights ago, I made hot chocolate in the microwave. My hubby told me not to do it again because making it that way will give me cancer!
5. Look at what what my husband gets to wake up to every morning. Cute, huh? Oh yeah... and that is drool surrounding my mouth. He is one. Lucky. Son of a gun.
6. I've discovered that Benny has an urban legend! TVA residents have thought that homeless people are living in it! Well... some actually have. Including myself.
7. I made a married friend. Shelby. That's actually my age. And not pregnant. And not weird. But yet weird enough to see me as normal. And the cool thing; she and her husband were married on August 7, 2010 and we were married on September 7 of 2010.
8. Today I discovered Turbo Kick which deserves its very own blog.
9. Whenever Jake and I turn 12 again and swap comebacks over nothing his is always "your mom goes to college" which I reply with "no, actually she already graduated".
Mom. Graduating college. 7 1/2 months prego.

10. Last night I took too much Excedrin Extra Strength and laid on the bathroom floor for a few minutes. Jake sat next to me and it reminded of last time I was sick and he SLEPT on the bathroom floor with me. For a full night. Come on now, that is true love.
And a bonus!
11. Jake goes surfing all the time. Duh. This is no secret to A few days ago, our friend is a great photographer, Bart took some awesome pictures of this stud surfing the North Shore brah!! Check ' out, yeah.

12. Another bonus. Jake is the president of the Scope Club at school. It's a club at the school that helps students find opportunities in the supply chain and operations field through speakers, internships, field trips and networking.


  1. Loved this post Erica, oh how it made me laugh. you and I are going to be good friends.

    And internship in RENO?!! WHAT?!!!! Is that the plan this summer?!! I'm so excited/confused!

  2. hey thats what huston is going into. ill have to hook him up with jake. hey.. u have a married friend and its me. we are the same age. are you calling me weird?? ps. im notpregnant either. haha. also... this was a fun post to read!