Monday, January 6, 2014

It's only 11:30am and I've already an interesting day... It was the first time I've ever taken a baby grocery shopping with me.

I woke up and fed the twins around 8 and finally got out the door with Wyatt at 9:40 to do some grocery shopping. I was in a rush because Oliver was left home with Jake and I needed to be home before their next feeding. I pulled up to Walmart just before 10 and thought "Perfect. I have just over an hour to be home." That's when I realized I forgot my wallet.


So I turned around and made the 15 minute drive home, picked up my wallet and made the trip back.

All went well through the store. Wyatt slept, for plenty of oohs and aahs and was a total champ. It was great. I got to check out and discovered the printer had not printed all of my coupons. 

"Whatever. Not a big deal."

After I unloaded the groceries into the car, I pulled up the baby seat to transfer it from the cart to the car. The bottom groove was stuck. Tried again. Still stood firmly in its place.

"Oh my gosh! The car seat is stuck! I feel like an idiot ."

I tried and tried and tried and could not get the stupid seat off the cart! Starting to panic, I called Jake to ask if he had any ideas. The exact same moment I thought it, he said it. 

"Try pushing the grey button like you would when taking it out of the car."

Click. Off it came. 

Who knew? My car seat clips into the grocery cart creating a safe, secure place to put it.

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