Thursday, December 13, 2012


Been awhile, huh?

Over the past month, a few big events have happened!

On the 29th, I had my tonsils out. I'll be honest here, I wanted to die for the first week! I was not expecting the recovery to be so bad. Or the IV! The nurse that put it in my arms was terrible. The highlight of the day for me, was when Jake got woozy after watching the IV being put in and needed some apple juice. I'm feeling much better now, but am still having pain and can't eat very much or drink most beverages. Over the course of the week, I lost 10+ pounds and Jake tells me I look like a sickly holocaust victim. He's so sweet. =) I have some pretty funny videos of me coming out of anesthesia that we will have to keep on our computers forever!

We finally closed on the house and are moved in! We still have some cleaning up and boxes to unpack, but once we are all settled I will put up lots of pictures.

And last but not least, I quit LifeTime. Hallelujah! I tried to end on a good note but I gave the Department Head my two weeks, things went really sour and he told me not to come back and to not work my last two weeks, either. The good news is that the very next day I was offered a job at a Physical Therapy clinic which I start on Monday. I'm so happy to be out of LifeTime and to be cutting my hours down as well.

Right after I got my IV in. Awful experience!
And here are two of my more appropriate videos...

This one i asked to see my tonsils.

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  1. I don't know what it is about IVs...but when I got mine in for my delivery I was so scared of it and had this fear it was somehow going to get pulled out of my arm. blehhh